I have reached the boiling point!

The Atkins stuff essentially has a high satiety factor, making you feel more full when you eat so you don’t want to keep eating. I don’t get what’s so hard about not doing so under normal circumstances.

The thing about diets is that either it doesn’t work or people gain the weight back after they get off because they don’t maintain a healthy habit (eat normally, do some exercise). Or when they get off the diet, they’re worse than when they went on the diet. Its very common for people to say “oh I’ve been good, I’m stressed, so I’ll eat a pint of ice cream”. Then they wonder why they’re not losing weight, that stresses them out so they eat MORE ice cream. This is just an example, but with unhealthy eating often comes unhealthy behavior and psychology which people don’t address.

Furthermore, one must never underestimate the placebo effect. Though I’m glad to hear you managed to help yourself lose 44 lbs and maintain it. Congrats.

Heh, thanks Sin! It was annoying to not be able to eat bread, but oh well, I’m glad I was able to :stuck_out_tongue: I think it was because, I had already forced myself to stop overeating while I was still overweight, so, going back to my previous eating habits didn’t make me start gaining weight again (My eating habits when i was GAINING the weight were much different than when I had already gained all of it, if that makes sense).

Either way, I think the biggest reason you don’t feel tempted to eat a whole bunch on the Atkins diet, is, because the Carbohydrates in most peoples’ diets are simple carbohydrates, which is kinda just sugar :stuck_out_tongue: So, when you have a grippe of sugar, you just wanna eat more after a while. Most people (I think) just aren’t aware of this fact, so when they feel hungry urges all the time, they’re like “Shit, I’m hungry AGAIN though I just ate”, and they don’t know the difference. This is the kinda shit people should learn it health classes, damnit. Or, if they did, mine sure sucked, augh :stuck_out_tongue: Information like this could have been really useful back when I gained all that weight so many years ago, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re completely right and the are reasons that people don’t listen in Health classes and it has a lot to do with the perception of a threat (an extreme example: people have more chances of dying in car accidents than terrorist threats and what did people do with the duct tape apart from driving their cars to go buy it). Most people don’t really acknowledge eating habits. It really is awesome that you managed to do this for yourself. It takes balls to keep it up.

Here’s a great idea! If you don’t like the commercials change the channel, if you don’t like the pop ups then get a pop up blocker, if you you don’t want to sound negative stop complaining about absolutely EVERY tiny, pointless thing that bothers you.

Man Ori, you sound slightly pissed off yourself there.

Most commercials are stupid today… that’s why I usually mute the TV when they come on.

But, sometimes, even that’s not enough… so, then I change the channel.

I haven’t tried Atkins or any diet, but I’ve had family try it, and it doesn’t work! There might be false advertising in those commercial ads. (But I could be wrong.)

BTW the best way to lose weight is to exersise.

I’m being driven nuts. Atkins this, Aktins that. Yes Atkins, No Atkins, Three bags full Atkins… I’m going insane! :hyperven:

Grocery stores. Walgreen’s. Internet popups. Subway. TV commercials. Books. CNN. Websites.

Atkins has infiltrated itself into every facet of mainstream American media. No matter where you look, you’ll eventually find the dreaded “Fad” disease, which has lately mutated into the highly contagious “Atkins” strain.

I don’t care about carbs or protein. I trust greatly in the Weight Watcher’s system, which is applicable to every (reasonable) diet.
You get a set amount of “Points” to spend on food for each day, with a collection of extra points to be used at any time throughout the week (roughly 21 a day on average). Different foods have different points values. For example, one apple is 1 point. A small piece of regular chocolate is 2 points. Look at points values for many popular restaurants, and you may be bowled over by massive pointcounts (9-60 something points for a lot of seemingly innocent things…the big 60+ point one is actually just one sandwich!). It really puts a good perspective on what you’re really eating! Sorry if this seems to be an advertisement, but geez, I like to put things in perspective.

I adhere to this way of dieting, and I’m frustrated by all the crappy Atkins products. Low carb ice cream. Low carb cereal. Low carb beer. Low carb chocolate. Low carb bread. Low carb peanuts. Low carb dog food. No, I’m not making up the last one. I can understand the bread, but dog food? Although a lot of dog foods are made with horrible, barely nutritous filler material (everything from leftover organs to soybean husks to ground bones/feathers) it’s obvious to anyone that a carnivore needs MEAT.

Slightly? Rirse accuses me that all I ever do in the chat is complain, and he complains more about pointless shit like this then I complain as a whole. And if this kinda shit pisses him off I hate to see it when he stops relying on mommy and daddy to pay the way adn gets to the real world. Nobody is gonna want to deal with a whiney little prat that makes a big deal of complaining about nothing.

A giant sign at my local Dairy Queen:

“Atkins-schmatkins! You know you want one!”

:mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha:

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> Urgh, the madness just doesn’t stop. Now there are “low carb potatos”, which is pretty dumb if you think about it. And whenever I go to the store, I will find at least six references to this diet, from the lame candy section of “low carb candy”, which probably taste like muk, since sugar and energy is the whole point of candy. Gah…I hope the fad ends soon before the dreaded boiled cabbage diet returns from the 80s.

And now they’re making Low Carb Coca-cola.

Stuff tastes like crap. Good thing I’m not a big cola drinker.

God, Rirse, it’s a fucking diet. Nothing to get all pissy over, get a damn life. We all understand that you have mental problems when it comes to wasting even 30 seconds of your life when you see a commercial. But don’t you think that complaining about it to the rest of us not only makes you think about it more but also makes you angrier? If the Low Carb diet bothers you so fucking much you need to get a clue. And that clue would be that there are far more things to get worked up over, getting all childish and pissy over a fucking diet that has helped tens of thousands of obese people lose weight when you’re a member of the fattest country on the planet is childish and stupid.

Green Mage foods?

Low-carb Coke O.o. Diet soda works just fine for those diets. (still tastes pretty bad though)

It’s not the diet that’s bugging him, it’s that so many companies are making it into a bandwagon by creating tons of “low-carb” foods. I understand his irritation. The appearance that these commercials give is that all you need to do to become thin and sexy (which is another problem, why do you have to be super-thin to be attractive?) is consume their low-carb products. If you gorge on food, it doesn’t matter whether it’s low-carb, low-fat, or low-everything, if you eat too much - which most people do - you’ll still be fat.

No, it’s the diet that’s bugging him. He’s said so himself on multiple occasions and 3 times per day.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> The diet is bugging me, but that is not the topic of this thread, which is the annoying ads for this very diet that keep appearing every ten minutes on every channel. Oh well, in a year the boiled cabbage diet will return and make us all bow to our knees! :smiley: