I have 50 bucks.

What games have you all been enjoying? I just got a PS2, and MGS2 is the only game i have for it. I want to buy something awesome with my 50, and as this is one of the last games i will be buying for awhile, i want it to be good.

So uh, reccomend me games. That, or list what games you are currently playing/enjoying, so i know what to look out for.

(oh, and not FFXI, i’d be willing to throw down another 50 for the HardDisk, but i can’t pay the monthly, =)

if you haven’t already played it Kingdom Hearts, if you have FFX ect, or Xenosaga…

La Pucelle or Disgaea.

Rome: Total War. I bought this like a month ago and it is just incredible.

Civilzation 2. Great game. Or Red Alert 1.

If you’re a fan of Strategy RPGs with enough wacky pop culture references in them to make anyone giggle, get Disgaea. if you are a Disney fan since childhood, Kingdom hearts. if you want a good, old-fashioned RPG, though, I’d say Wild Arms 3. These are my suggestions, no idea what you want.

I’d say Disgaea. Or go get a hooker, those are fun too.

I agree totally Val. Disgaea is the way to go!

Shadow Hearts II, or the original if you can find it !

Edit: Silent Hill 2~4 are great too !

Suikoden III, maybe?

Disgaea. Definately Disgaea. Not since Chrono Trigger has there been a game with this level of replayablity. It will keep your busy for a looong time.

You could always get more than one game with that $50! Also, don’t forget that there are some great PSX games that you could play as well.

… anyway, I’ll beat SG to it. I’m enjoying Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter these days (it’s only $15 new!), and I’m waiting for my copy of Lunar:Silver Star Story Complete to arrive in the mail.

Disagea’s good, but I think for lots of levelling fun, I’d suggest Phantom Brave, the lastest and greatest from Nippon Ichi. However if you’re looking for a game that will eat up a lot of time, check out Dragon Warrior VII. I’m playing Suikoden III right now (see avatar) and I’m really enjoying it. I can’t wait for Suikoden IV next year.

Wow, everyone seems to love disagea.

Is there any difference between the three? Should i get Disagea for sure, or LaPucelle? I hear that Phantom Brave is super deep, so is it so deep i should steer clear?

I was also thinking of Shadow Hearts:Covenant. Anyone know if that is good? But after everyone suggesting disagea, i might get that.

YES, YES !!! Shadow Hearts : Covenant is Shadow Hearts II. Brilliant RPG, immersive, addictive… but unfortunately overlooked like its prequel ;.;

Is that true?

Yes, Shadow Hearts was rated 10 in one of the most accurate magazines I’ve ever read, and everyone seems to aggree, but take a look a Kingdom Hearts too, it r0x0rs.

Which of the 3 recent ShinNipponIchi games would you reccomend most? Disagea, LaPucelle, or Phantom Brave?

EDIT: Yea seraphim, i was thinking the same thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, it’s quite true… but it’s not necessary, it’s just for fun. One of your characters is a puppeteer who uses a doll to beat up on the enemies, by collecting Stud Cards and offering them to the gay tailor, you can get dresses for the doll, which is just nifty to see.

Personally, I’d go with Phantom Brave if I had to go with one, then work your way back. While there is a tiny bit of story about the main character in La Pucelle in Disgaea, it’s no major deal. While they’re tactics style games made by the same company, each one has its own systems and feel to it so they should be considered completely different games.