I got a new kitten

If I had a pic, I’d post it.

I’m thinking about naming her “Natsu.”
Good? Bad? Other?

I think you should try to get a pic… I would like to see your “pussy” cay.

Originally posted by Dragonessa
I’m thinking about naming her “Natsu.”
Good? Bad? Other?


But I don’t have a better suggestion, so… Good/Other.

name it Charlemagne. Charlemagne just roles off the tongue.

I’ve always liked “Clarisse.”

But yours is just peachy, too. “Summer”… I like it.

-Mazrim Taim

Name it dog

I prefer Asian. And one person seems to agree. That’s all that matters.

And good god, I wish it would let me sleep.
But then I’d get more smartass answers like that.
Blarg, the stupid things I do when I’m lonely…

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Ahh… summer ^^;;

Go with it, its so cute

Glomps and cuddles Dragonessa ^o^

You should name it ‘Doku’, I like the name ‘Doku’. And so should you. nod, nod

I thought you already picked a name for it, Nessa. :slight_smile:

I’d suggest a name, but I don’t knwo what she looks like, so i can’t.

Natsu is good. And yay, Nessa be back hopefully permanent.

Very funny guys. I like Clarisse also. Is the kitty a boy or girl? My friend’s roommates got a cat, called her Charly. They couldn’t discern it was a girl -_-;;;

Anyway, I think Chibi would be a good name. I don’t know what Natsu mean. However, the name Chibi for a pet is not as significant for those that didn’t play DW7.

I can’t really suggest a name if I don’t know much about the cat.

Pick a single sllyable name, otherwise you will just end up shortening it.

You should name it “Viscillious”.

I like the unisex name Angel. Then again it wuld it be a lot easier to think of a name with a pic or other description.

Call it Chi-Chi. Or Shampoo. Or … or … Sakura!

You watch too much anime. What if it’s a male cat?

I haven’t seen Ranma or DBZ at all. Anyway … Gogo! Or Didi! Or Godot!

You’ve just been waiting for a chance to name something Godot haven’t you? [rimshot]

He must have been waiting for it, little sprite girl.