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Ok, well I got a call back today saying that I am being offered a position at a really upscale clothing store in the next town…you are now looking at Ms Sales Associate herself! I will do all of that fun stuff, working with clients, working around money, closing up shop, advertising their clothes online and omg omg OMG BEST PART! I GET AN EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT! That means I am so going to buy a bunch of designer clothes! The store is for like, business women, and the older women, but they have a lot of stuff for young women in their 20’s, which is the stuff I’m salivating over!! I can’t wait! It’s a little store called Nygard, but I think it’s like a nation-wide company and it is sooo expensive…which I like.

And the best part is, i finally wont be miserable. I have all of this free time, and I hate it. I have no life whatsoever, except my boyfriend, and now I finally wont feel stupid and like a big loser. It seems like mostly everyone in my classes have jobs, and I always felt left out. But now I don’t have to! I am going to frame my first paycheck and just totally blow it on more clothes, cheese and a video game or something. I want to save up for community college and for my plans to travel but but but I need to just waste my first few paychecks and get this shopper out of my system. Every girl has to do it. I just can’t wait. I go next week for training, for 4 hours, on the 30th. I’ll be working nights in January, but when I graduate hopefully I’ll go days, full time.

Ohhh I’m so excited. I can’t even sit still! Refusing to work at McDonalds or a restaurant has payed off. It was distressing for so long, but it was so worth the wait. I am so happy.

squeal Yes I know you’re all boys and many of you may not be as obsessive as I am about clothes but it’s so thrilling ^^ be happy happy happy for me!

:smiley: hooray! You’re part of the machine now! :DDDD

I’m never gunna understand why clothes are such a vise to girls, but congrats. Have fun with your money.

yay! good job!

Cool :smiley:


And go right ahead and blow your first few paychecks! After the first week I worked, I went out and bought a couple of new games, and it felt GOOD!

Only four hours of training? I started working at my neighborhood drug store about a month ago and I had fifteen hours. Of course they have an old fashioned cash register I had to learn, plus the annoying lottery machine so there was more to get. I’m just saying four seems a little low.

Congrats anyway. I don’t get why women love clothes so much either, but to each their own.

I’M a girl, and I don’t understand either.

THanks GUYS ^^ Shopping and clothes are awesome! Does this mean you wont come and buy from us? I’m disappointed.

And Kiro…aww someone female, help me out here ;_; Maybe when you’re older it’ll make a difference. or maybe I’m being the stereo typical girl. I can wait to spend $$$

I’m real glad for you, especially since you landed a good job instead of the usual waiter/busboy crap I’m used to. I understand the urge to waste the first paycheck, I did the same with mine :stuck_out_tongue:

4 hours is reasonable enough since you only get the real experience doing the actual job.

Heh, cool. I know Nygard. They sell this brand in stores like Sears and The Bay. Let’s hope you won’t have to deal with old nit-picky business women. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, I’d totally do the same thing with my first paycheck as well… I mean, CLOTHES. :D~ :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I have some money, Mrs. Moneybags?

Well I’m gonna have more than 4 hours of training, that’s just for the first day. I dunno after that. Haha should have clarified that, cuz I’ve never held a real job before. It’ll take more than 4 hours.

Don’t make me nervous Walhalla :S

And sure Shinigami, I’ll take you for a nice brunch at Le McDonalds.

Way to go :no2: :mwahaha: Way to go. :wave: :hahaha;

Totaly awexome, it’s good to see you’re so motivated!

I’m a guy, and I just got into buying nice clothing actualy.

I had like 15 hours over 3 days. But yea, you’ll learn to hate it soon enough. The people’ll make you come back, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I can understand the clothes, Eva. I’d work at a clothing store to get the discounts. But I don’t, so I can’t really go on spending sprees. :confused:

I’m working on getting another job at CVS. I’ll probably get it, as my sister worked there before and I gots teh experience. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations, Eva! If I’m ever in Nova Scotia, I’ll visit your store. (Not very likely, but hey!) :cool:

Having a job is really cool. Unfortunately, every job I have ever had relates to being a restaraunt cook. So if I apply somewhere that isn’t a restaraunt, I usually don’t get consideration. But for now, I’m satisfied with being a Grill Cook/Expo at Fuddruckers.

I also understand the urge to blow away the first check. I did the same when I was 16 years old. But it wasn’t on clothes. Worse yet, after I turned 21, I was blowing my entire check on alcohol every week.

Glad I don’t do that anymore. Now I blow my check on fixing my credit and medical bills.

Congratulations, or not. Ewww, Sales Associate. I hate Sales Associates.