I did it

I actually read all of the silmirilian by J.R.R.Tolkien and it really isn’t that hard. true it is more of a history type book, but at the same time, it is a geeat novel, with beauty and romance in it. I love it.

Very good it skips back and forth a lot but you get a great understanding of Middle Earth. One of the best books I’ve ever read.

How is Orakio?

You mean there are actually people who find Tolkien’s books hard? That’s pretty sad…

Boring may be a better word to use in that scenario

Boring, long-winded, and terribly overrated.

I think in the Tolkien scenario, the presentation was indeed long-boring-and long winded… however, the content had lots of potential, I mean, look at how great the movies were.

This goes back to my original idea of Games/Books/Movies dont have to be bad just because the story is cliche, but rather the presentation. The tolkien books presented a damn good story, but we needed a fat New Zelander to show us how good the story could be in a stomachable medium.

i liked the tolkien books… but they’re not all that awesome as some pointed out to me…

I’m a big fan of reading. Several times I have found myself reading into the early hours of the morning. I tried reading th Tolkien books a while back; I was asleep shortly after begining to read. I eventually gave up on reading them.

Yes, but we HAVE TO KNOW EXACTLY what the hobbits ate on every single damn break on their journey.

I like reading quite a bit. to be presice, I can adsorb the information faster than being said.

I’ve read the Hobbit and LOTR. I might spend some money on the Simereran (sp) and read it later.

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Big Nutter
I usally play DVD and Games with Subitles on.

I read that and liked it. Poor elves. And I like the LotR book.

Silmarillion is the hardest book ever! It presents you with the unbeatable challenge of actually reading roughly five hundred pages of elves tearing each other’s heads off for three stupid jewels without falling into a boredom coma! There’s also remembering the fifty different characters with names that change in one or two letters like Haldor, Hador, Huleth, Huor, etc.

I like Tolkien, but he is a little bit TOO specific. Do we have to know every last damn detail?

he’s doing okay.

and the silmarillion (correct spelling) isn’t that boring. I actually read it becuase i’m fascinated with tolkien’s world, and the he made a crediable world that is well-fleashged and though out. The only possible plot-hole, is where some of the races cvame from, such as hobbits, and those little fat squat guys that live on the plains of rohan.

If you’re as bad at reading as you are at typing, I can understand how you could consider it an accomplishment to finish that book.

/me is a horrible typer, but a rather good reader.

And I never said that the silmarillion was hard, in fact I said near the opposite, that it wasn’t as hard or boring as some people think it is.

Seriously speaking, Silmarilion had it’s good moments but it wasn’t even remotely as good as the Trilogy. Then again, JRR never actually published it, his son did and he completed everything from Turin Turambar onwards based on his father’s notes, so it is understandable that it isn’t on the same level as his other works.

I read the first page or so years ago and then gave up. Actually I think out of the people I’ve gotten a statement from, the vast majority agree with Igatona, regarding all of Tolkiens works.

The Silmarillion owns!
My favourite of his works.

I’ve never read this, but I HAVE read the LotR Trilogy and The Hobbit.

And personaly, I liked the movies better. ^^;