I can't wait for summer

The emerald green grass! The smell of fresh pollen clogging your nose with mucus!! The beautiful tulips and snapdragons, and especially the beautiful women shedding their parkas and no longer looking like inuits. Very SEXY inuits!!!

Summer is definately my favourite season, in fact I’m going to spontaneously write a poem about it!!

<b><u>Ode To Summer</u></b> (I so stole this name from Lost Prophets. They rock the cocks.)

The wind blowing through my hair
As I ride my Dodge Tomahawk through the suburbs
The beating yellow flare
Of the sun warming up my… Dodge Tomahawk!!

The birds are singing the trees are grinning
As ladybugs devour their petals
The kids on their skateboards with their mp3 players
are listening to heavy metal!

Chuguh DugAH! Chuguh DugAH!
It’s on so loud I can hear it from here
I walk up to them, and in good summer fun
I offer to buy them some beer!!!

We trip out all night and forget all our troubles
Not that we had toubles anyway!
We don’t go back home, we just chillax all night
Coz tomorrow’s another day!!

~ Fin

God I’m bored and depressed and God do I ever hate snow.

Pah! Give me Autumn!

I am currently at 41 degrees Celcius in the middle of what may be the hottest and most suffocating summer in the history of my country. Wanna trade places?


I can’t either. I just started a bank account and I’m storing away money for summer road trips. One of which will probably be to the RPGC East Coast Meeting, maybe even the RPGC West Coast depending on how much money I get together. But yes, I can’t wait either.

Hey guys, did I ever mention that I want summer to come?

Amen to that.

I can’t wait for summer either. Give me scorching heat over freezing cold. I’d live in a desert if I could.

41 degrees Celsius??? Fuck that. I can barely handle 25.

Shit, I forgot how to convert to Fahrenheit

I know that 32F=0C , 68F=20C, 98.6F=37C and 212F= 100C

I don’t want summer to come that fast, cause then I’ll miss out on spring and all of it’s wonderful days: 420, liberation day, my birthday, getting done with this semester. Although the summer will be cool cause then I’ll be able to buy my own alcohol.


I just got my Ushanka, so I wish winter was longer.


4/20 is a great day nodnod

I’m in no rush for summer to come. Scorching heat and broken acs are no fun.

C x 9/5 + 32 = F

0 x 9/5 + 32 = 32
20 x 9/5 + 32 = 68
100 x 9/5 + 32 = 212
-40 x 9/5 + 32 = -40

Summer blows. It’s like one big sauna here in the summer, and not even a pleasent sauna. ;.;

I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t mind 100F in the SHADE. Besides, summer here is beautiful.

Woo!! high 5s Go extreme heat!!

<img src=“http://www.bryanroche.com/australia/red%20centre/sand.jpg”>

Summer shall rock! …Except I’ll be getting surgery for the third time…in the same place…in the middle of it…and, I might be moving from the town I’ve lived in my entire life…0-0 Oooooh, sux0rz…

Poetry spreads the gay.

And I hate summer.