I...can feel...TIME!

Val just talked me into trying this concoction a friend of hers made up, dubbed “Super Ade”.

It contains:
24. Oz of Mountain Dew
5 Pixy Stix
1 Tablespoon of Sugar
A bit of honey
And for some odd reason, just a minuscle, tiny bit of cigarette ash. (Don’t ask…I didn’t.)

Well, I downed about half of this and couldn’t go on. The rest of it went to the toilet and got flushed down to hell.

So far, I’m just a little twitchy…I suspect that in about an hour, I’ll need to be peeled of the wall… :hyperven:

Umm, you made a mix-up on the Sugar amount. It’s not one tablespoon, it’s one teaspoon to roughly equate to each Sugar cube we used, which was 17. Or something.

Hmmm… I must try this sometime.

GG, you do know that half the stuff Val drinks would make a normal guy sick for days right?

I know someone who would LOVE this… if it were just a little bit stronger. :smiley:

And I actually tried something similar once, only it involved a can of Dr. Pepper and a whole box of red hots. I call it “The Burninator” :wink:

Can I ask a really stupid question? What are Pixie Sticks?

Sugar and citric acid. That’s basically what they’re made of. The prototype that I drank had blue Pixy Stix. And I’m gonna try that burninator recipe sometime.

Colored sugar.

So, to recap: Super Ade is basically made up of about a pound of sugar, from several different sources.

ooo, gonna have to try that sometime. My sugar intake has been kind of low lately.

Ugh, just thinking about it makes me want to vomit.

Hehe, I’d LOVE to try that sometime! I doubt my family would like it though… thus the appeal of it. :hahaha;

:frowning: Why doesnt Val ever try to talk me into tasting her juice? I want to taste her juices… ;.;

Charle, I WANT you to taste my juices! You just never seemed that interested in them before! Try it, my juice tastes REAl good and sweet!

All right! [uses Limit Break: Omni-Whamf on Charl and Val]

falls off a chair, laughing and punches the ground

I cant beleive you thought that. I want to lap them up, like a cat. letting it drip down my lips, then licking that up.

It really isn’t a very good idea to drink a supersaturated sugar solution…

…of course, I did so in my high school chemistry course. She said if anybody drank a supersaturated solution of Kool-Aid WITHOUT VOMITING, they’d get bonus points… unfortunately I ended up in the nurses office and acted like I was on drugs the rest of the day. For the record; the sugar concentration was higher than the one GG drank. =p

I might do it, except for the ash…and doesn’t Mt. Dew have…effects…on guys? Probably just rumor, but I avoid it anyway.

Rumour. Unless they put an alien sugar in MD or something.