I amost missed it!!

Attacually, I’ve just over Shot it a bit… So it’s the Tradtion of Questions at every 1000 Mile Stone. Since There are techincal Difculties to Bring in some older regualars in the New Format, Myself and 2k have revertied back to old outer Style. Erm.“Question or Nominate”… Nominate 2k.

Are you expecting Questions of Some one else? Plus, are you going to make my hair long?

Mumbling Four Candles?"

Did you know If you do your Dutch homwork may reesult in a trip to see me? En misschien een uitwisseling van soorten? (And possibly an exchange of sorts?)

Have you seen FF7:AC. yet?

What the fuck?

Your sanity is gone, missing it or almost missing it will not bring it, or your ability to form a coherent sentance back from oblivion.

Live with it.

Why is it so hard for people to understand you? (I do >.>)

Should be… Hit F5 or Refresh to Transform your Appearance, if it is the old style.

You want 4 wax Candles?

Ja, If I have an Idea of what we’re swapping, I better start swatting up… Dual Language Typo’s… TD/Rahka’s going to kill me…

Nope, I’m waiting for the UK date.

I ask the same… It’s the crew there…


I’m Dyslexic… and also Dyspraxic. (I think I spelt that right…)

Send more Questions. (This User may recive some abnormal Questions, and may anwser them abnormal, too)

Stop speaking Dutch. I’m honestly offended.

What’s the Best way to get to Overijssel, Netherlands from Manchester? I think I’ll pass asking that one.

I know you gonna hate for saying this But: I’ve got a Dutch Girl in Almelo… Ja!

It’s a “Ask me questions” thread since Butter has hit the 2000 mark. Note the importance of the number and the way he responds to every comment.

And asking himself the questions? Now that’s a new tradition. o.o;

Maybe he’s Penta-Polar.

No, Handles for Garden forks!! Got any plugs?

It’s the Crew, since I treat them as differnt people, for puropse of these theads.

Drugs are bad mmmmk

Would you consider me a friend?

Does this dress make me look fat?

If a metoer was hurtling towards earth a speed of 4021 k/hr from 127 miles from the surface of the earth, after an initial velocity of 3998 k/hr, which super hero would you hire to save the earth, followed by getting you a burger from McDonald’s and doing your dry cleaning?

No, I think it’s your fat that makes you look fat. :booster:

You have 2000 posts and I have what, 500?

I’m wondering the same thing as well.

do you ever get offended/hurt by people on the internet flaming you constantly? i’m seriously wondering.

That’s why you’re not respected and everyone hates you!

Congrats on 2000 posts… I guess?

You crazy outcasts and your forums.