I amost missed it!!

you crazy chatters and your rooms

Let’s do it!

Note to self: Do Not have more than 7 cups of coffee…

More of a Mate… And Mog your bum does look big…

About 800 of those are corrections to previous post… typo’s Increase my posts.

I have been insulted?
Nutter has the ability not to regonise insults towards him…
Otherwords, he is too stupid to be offended.



omg, where’d all the hair come from, Steve? >:((((

What kind of drugs did your momma do when she was carrying you around in her tummy? O_o

lol, what kind did she NOT do lol?

Nutter was fine for a couple of months during the summer, but he’s reverted to his incomprehensible self. Nutter’s post are so strange and unreadable that I’ve just had to put him on ignore. If i don’t ignore him my head will just jurt trying to figure out wat was going on. Hell, I read his first post and I didn’t get what he was saying and hoping to understand what the hell was going on, but I ended up having to read everyone’s posts and I didn’t get it until Eva said what it was.

My question for Nutter then would be: Have you ever tried just posting like everybody else?

Not to mention when he posted in Al Bhed, but that’s another story.

BN, what is your utter and final opinion about catgirls?

I don’t know what she did… But what you are seeing is the inpact of Japan’s/Uk’s Takeshi Castle and it’s derivitve MXC on me for aseveral weeks…

I have soming else that I going to try, I’ll taking break from posting… I’ve got Warcraft 3 and I’ve just started education. I gone out of my head being unable to get a job or get someone to speak to me in education.

Frmecd bysbanehk ed ec pacd du gaab dra lmyfc eh! (Whlist pampering it is best to keep the claws in!)

What the whut?

I can’t follow this shitty storyline

What Plot? There is No Storyline yet…

He just makes it up as he goes along and hope no one notices the plot holes… or he tries to cover them.

Fudgerounds or Oatmeal Creme Pies?

:moogle: Who are you more like Wallace or Gromit?

That’s clever stuff right there