I am now the proud owner

Of the first two Nintendo DS roms, Metroid Prime Hunters - First Hunt, and Super Mario 64 DS. You know where to get them, now somebody throw together an emulator for me.

I’m waiting for that too but it seems the only project that shows improvements is going downhill. There are also a fuckton people invading the emulation forums with “Where’s the DS EMu plz k!??” threads.

No… RPGC… Doesn’t… Condone… Roms… At all… No… Not at all…

I uh… own all the originals, made my own backup copies and don’t distribute them to anyone? <_<

Great. Since you know, we have DS emus and Flash Carts and all >_>

And it will be a very long time till we get a DS emulator.

Unless you count <a href=“http://dsemu.oopsilon.com/”>this</a> fuckshit’s DS emulator, which, oops, actually emulates the GBA (very poorly too), yet he feels as though he can brag about being the “first to make a DS emulator”

And i love how he puts out a new version with no changelog or changes just because “it was time for an update”


Dev: That’s the one I was talking about. I guess he only wanted to get the “first post” feeling.

At least I have a bigger penis than any of you.

Too bad it’s useless.

The only action it gets is from your hand anyway.

DVDBoxOffice delivered my Mario 64 DS cart on Xmas Eve. :smiley:

Now they need to deliver the console. :smiley:

Fuckasses. :smiley:

Maybe they’re just looking out for your own good… unless you like shitty controls and dead pixels.

I said DS, not PSP.

TD’s penis is NOT useless!

>_> Wtf?

The Nintendo DS control system really sucks, I say this having played one, by the way. It’s slow, unresponsive, and lacks detail. Also, there have been numerous reports of DS with dead pixels immediately after shipping, before they were even used.
So, I’m saying that, in not shipping the DS, the shipping company was probably just looking out for Pierson’s own good.

Second, Pierson, you cannot really judge the PSP since, unless there were some serious changes while I was away from a computer for a week, not even out yet.

Actually, the PSPs will also have the dead pixel problem. It’s common in all LCD screens so that point is…pointless. And unless you’ve used all the various control options available on the DS…you have no idea what you’re talking about so do us all a favor and shut the hell up.

It’s been released in Japan you know. Google ‘PSP problems’ and ‘Nintendo DS Problems’ and see the difference. PSP has a slew of potenially ruinous hardware ones whereas the DS’ main one is dead pixels and parallax issues.

Both systems are going to have defective first batches (say 25,000 or so), but Nintendo are fixing defective DS’s for free. Sony are showing no such compensation.

Dude, the DS controls fine. I own one. It just takes a few seconds to get used to it.

And control problems on the PSP are much more serious. The Square and Right buttons are drilled into the LCD screen, and do not return up when depressed.

That’s totally right, I have a friend who already has an imported PSP, and he had those problems, he made a few things with it and he no longer has the problem, but the problem is there and it’s true… and his PSP also had a dead pixel before using… although I know that some people didn’t have any dead pixel.

Also, Nintendo changes totally free of charges the DS’s with dead pixels.

Its for these reasons I plan to wait a little while, maybe a few months, and see how bad the problems are. Wait and see if waiting for a potentials ‘DS SP’ or some crap is worth waiting for. Sounds like this is going to be the case with the PSP, though the DS may not have too.