I am going deaf.

When I woke up this morning, my left ear was all numb. I can’t hear anything out of it. If I cover my right ear, I can hear only silence. I tried using a Q-tip to trying to see if it’s clogged or anything, and there was an overabundance of ear wax. I used maybe 20 Q-tips, and I still get a shit lot.

I tried taking a shower, and letting water run into my ear for 5 minutes; and it got worse, I think. Now it feels like there’s a giant bubble in my ear, and it won’t get out! I used Google to look for remedies, and one said to put some drops of oil in your ear, so I put a teaspoon of olive oil in my ear, and now it feels all gunky.

Another website said to put a hair-drier to my ear, and turn it on; and let it sit on warm air for like 10 minutes. I did so, and nothing happened except my ear got really, really hot.

This is EXTREMELY ANNOYING. I can’t even do anything now.

Dude, stop!

You are making it worse!

You need to go to the doctor. You have an impacted cerumen.

The doctor will put a solution in your ear to disolve the impacted waxy buildup and it will be all better.

I can’t get to a doctor; I’ve tried to book an appointment, and they’re full until like Monday. >:(

Learn to live wiht it until Monday, is all I can say. My Hearing’s been close to dead for years now, because whenever I mentioned it to the doctor, he said we should “wait another year” before trying anything.

You’ll probably be okay, though, as long as you STOP STICKING THINGS IN YOUR EAR. That’s got to be the first thing to do when it’s hurting.

Instead of getting it irrigated, could I just use medicinal ear drops bought from a pharmacy?

I wouldn’t recommend it myself. better to ask a doctor before that, in your case.

Yeah man. You can easily mess up your hearing permenantly.

Try to ignore it the best you can until you see a doctor.

Dear RPGclassics,

My life is a God damn mess, what should I do?

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Welcome to Canada, baby. Stop being a moron and wait to see a doctor. At worse, go and wait 9 hours in an ER and someone’ll see you.

Holy shit that list of things you did to improve the situation is hilarious.

I was depressed about my laptop hard drive getting formatted, but this made me feel completely better.

My mom always said that you’d go deaf if you…oh, wait, that was going blind.

Regardless, the doctor suggestion is a good one.

Congratulations, you’ve made things worse! You should go and see your GP. He’ll vacuum your ear.

This thread deserves a gold prize. oh man! Whoever thought someone would be dumb enough to solve a problem like that by putting more things in your ear?!?!

Like everyone else said, go see your doctor. If you have to wait until Monday, well… just stop doing anything for a while or else you might make it worse seeing as how you seem to have bad luck.

Huh, right on schedule. A thread where Setz feels the need to call attention back to himself.

Now, it said to put oil in your ear, so you chose olive oil. Why couldn’t it have been mineral oil? Or motor oil? Or petroleum? Why choose olive oil? I suggest you put other types of oil in your ear to fix it.

Supposedly hot oil will melt the earwax, therefore unclogging my ear.

I only had vegetable, and olive oil.

984 has a point. There are plenty of types of oil.

I think this is why you never trust remedies you hear about online.

Well, those didn’t wok, so what are you waiting for before trying the rest? I’d say you should go with petroleum, and if it needs to be hot, nothing beats throwing a lit match in it once it’s applied.

uh no

My dad went to pick up medicinal drops to unclog my ears. Problem ended