I am going deaf.

Fine. Problem solved, so thread done. All that will happen from ehre is posts about how dumb this was.

I still suggest you try other types of oil.

I’ve heard of someone about as stupid as Setz. There’s this chick with severe cellulitis that decided to treater herself with first alcohol and salt water, then applying corn syrup to the area.

You know since you’re a mod, you shouldn’t make ice cube style comments when people have a genuine problem.

Setz has problems a whole lot more severe than the one he has right now.

I actually had that problem once (the ear problem, not the oil problem or the hair dryer problem or the being Setz problem). Doc fixed it, but it was so strange being deaf in one ear, and for a while I didn’t really know what the issue was. Needless to say I clean my ears almost every day now as an overreaction.

Edit: nevermind, found my answer, so now I shall post somethign else.

I’m finally getting an operation soon that will fix my ears. I’ll actually be able to hear stuff. Whee.

Man why are all the good threads closed before I can get a snarky comment in


You know what’s REALLY funny about this thread? Like four months ago, TD had some ear blockage issue, so his mom put olive oil in his ear.

TD really is the new Setz.

Remember when TD opened his front door and there was a girl scout selling cookies or something and then his pants fell down?

Remember that time when TD had to clean up his bed right before going to sleep because his dog had once again crapped all over the comforter?

The difference between Setz and me? I make this look good.

I can’t even remember how many times you said your dog crapped or vomited on your bed. It’s not a small number.

That’s what you get when your bed is a matress on the floor and your pets are sick. There’s a distinct lack of poop though. Mostly vomit and urine.

Like that makes it any better.

TD regularly manages to poke his eye with his tea spoon.

Jesus fucking christ people, why did you have to bring back SETZ

The people must know of the events from the past so that they are not doomed to repeat them.