Most likely no one’s really going to care and I’m probably the only person to have actually played “Legend of the Ghost Lion” since the walk through was written in 2001. But- I found an error. :stuck_out_tongue:

Except from the walkthrough:
“In the center of town is a palm tree path. Search in the middle of the path for the Doll. You could return it to the girl in Spirit’s Tower for the F-Sword, the 2nd most powerful weapon in the game, but please refrain from doing so, as we’re about to buy the absolute most powerful weapon. Go to the shop and buy the Whip. It’s different from the whip you didn’t buy before. It’s the game’s best weapon.”

Yes the F-Sword is the second most powerfull in the game however, unlike the whip it does damage to all enemies. Making it a uh- good thing to pick up.

Probably should mention the multiple enemy thing in the item list too.

So yeah. And stuff.


Not exactly sure what you’re babbling on about, but hey and welcome to RPGC.

“legend of Ghost Lion” it’s an NES shrine. You know for the shines here. And umm… Thanks. Not really new though, just been absent for a long time. :stuck_out_tongue:

So you are the Daria that had the old rom website that we linked to a long time ago? Welcome back then =P I was kinda wondering if that were you or not.

What?! There are shrines here?! RPGC is just a bunch of message boards…right?

Dude! It’s Daria!

For those who don’t know, RPGC had a long time rom affiliate that closed down. During someones intrepid internet travels, they found a ROM site that was also called RPG Classics. Seeing the obvious affiliation only took a matter of seconds, and Daria’s site became the new RPGC rom affiliate.

But her site also got closed down because she couldn’t fit the bill, and RPGC couldn’t host her because of the no rom policy of our host.

Whats up? You’ve been gone forever :o


Oh, you were the one that ran the other RPGC?

That was a great site. I was so pissed when I couldn’t access it anymore. i kept telling myself to download all the games I needed but I was lazy and I went to do it one day and the site was gone :open_mouth:

DARIA! Youv’e been missed! pounces and hugs the stuffins out of DAria

Holy Zen, it’s been a long time.

Hey, nice ta see ya around. You should e-mail maintainers in the future though :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, The infamous Daria. Welcome back. We haven’t talked, but 905 of all the ROMs on my computer came from your site. So I thank you.

Well, I thought the name sounded familiar.
Welcome back Daria :slight_smile:
Loved your rome page, just too bad it died :frowning:

I, too, have fond memories of her ROM site. Welcome back, and here’s hoping you stick around.

And also, you get a cookie for the Zelda referance. gives a cookie

Cool! Welcome back to RPGC! Your “sexy ROM site” was very nice back in the day!

By the way, you might want to forward the correction to Hiryuu. He’s the one in charge of the shrine.

wanders back into the chat toweling her hair

Holy Cra- Oooh cookies!

It’s nice to see all you guys too. :wave:

And I don’t like to think of ORPCs as dying, it’s just moved to my hard drive and isn’t accepting vistors. I’d been working a PSX RPG review and information site (heh no. No Isos.) but I’ve recently had two computer’s drop dead and I need to either buy a mac or a new motherboard. That and I’m lazy, but it sounds less like my fault when I explain it the other way.

eats her cookie

As for forwarding the correction to Hiryuu I 'll just pm him, we need more people in welcoming me back. (:

Daria should move underground and distribute roms from the shadows, by means of, for instance, an f-serv or FTP.


imagines her in a large trenchcoat, lurking in the back-alleys of RPGC

I thought your name was familiar but it didn’t come to me right away. Anyway, welcome Daria! I hope you enjoy it here.