I am a true fan of Silent Hill.

So you bought tickets to a movie that was rated R, without being carded when you bought the ticket…and then you were either carded by the guy who rips tickets, or you were selected at random to show ID while standing at the snack bar? And you were taken downtown for sneaking into a movie? A movie that you paid for? And your parents were in the theatre when you decided to rush past the guards? And you had the balls to throw popcorn in someone’s face and run? Even though you knew you were going to get caught and there were tons of people there watching you?


A lot of theaters do that. It’s a common ploy for them to get you to give them as much money as possible BEFORE denying hapless teenagers from R rated movies. It happened to me; I was trying to see an R-rated flick, but my permit (this was before I got my license, duh) wasn’t a photo ID, and they demanded one. I didn’t have one on me, but my friend’s Mom was there so she got us both in.

I must say though, I read your post three times through before I was convinced you weren’t joking. I’m calling bullshit regardless. I find your post totally unbelievable.

Thus, proving you can’t have fanatic with the word fan.

[b]The Best thing about being Canadian, Silent Hill rated 14A bwhahaha, Me and my girlfriend were sitting next to 15 year olds scared s***less. And I’ll tell you something about a true Silent Hill fan, when that pyramid head guy was on rampage this one guy snuck around seats and freaked out people. It was funny. He didnt bother us though because were not 15 year olds.

BTW that movie is nuts, definately worth the 8.50[/b]

No, it’s not 14A. It is rated 18A. I saw it today.


I think I am going to go see Silent Hill tomorrow

Law of the Universe No. 45: All movies based on videogames totally suck

So I hear that Setz spray-painted Air Force One.

Then had sex in it.

With the first lady.

In the bathroom.

I’m not sure about you guys, but when embarassing shit like this happens to me (and it happens to everyone), I try to keep it as secret as I can and…well, not tell the whole world about it.

You’re not Setz, Zeppo. You don’t crave attention like others crave food, sleep, love and sex.

I lost respect for this thread at “true fan.”

Um yeah, not exactly the best idea.

Just go to a less strict theater.

Oh Setz your inabillity to use logic always brings us such joy.

I’m going to go see it sometime this week. My sister works at the theater so she is allowed to bring one friend or realative to see a movie for free.

Like Sin, words fail me. All I can do is sit here and giggle intermittently.

18A? Well I’m glad in America we can see this movie at age 17 without parental admission (that’s assuming the theater even checks). Wait, you’d still be too young.

Setz fails at life.


Man, you paid a lot for it. The most expensive theater near me charges $7.50, and the theater I go to charges $3 during the day and $4 after 5PM. Of course, the drinks are $5 for a large, but that’s how they get their money.

General admission to Famous Players is 10$ a ticket.

Ha, jesus that’s horrible
I paid like $8 for a 10 o’clock ticket.

I don’t even see the big difference. 1-3$ isn’t that much a deal.