I almost have 1382 posts!

To commemorate this momentous occcasion. You may ask me questions and then when I receive 1382 posts, I will answer them. Ask.

You’re not funny nor is this original. So why do it?

Political reasons. Always the politics.


Sometimes people like to celebrate reaching 1000 posts, don’t be a dick about it Info.

How does it feel to reach such a significant number in your RPGclassics stay?

Cless is right, it is about the politics. It seems that whenever someone reaches a milestone, they do a question thread. It is just old and repetitive.

Pho, I really don’t know you, so I couldn’t care less if you think I’m funny or not. Besides, I’m not doing it to be funny, I’m doing to make a statement. I’m trying to do it in a humourous and hopefulyl unoffensive way. Also, that is kind of the point on originality. The ask me question threads aren’t original either and are pretty old.

Shin, sometimes? How about all the time. This bandwagon is at least 2 years old. Hell, we all get tired of bandwagons real fast, so 2 years later you can imagine how this feels to me. Also, I’m not doing it to be a dick. I’m doing it to make light of the bandwagon. Sometimes you have to go a little far just to make something realized. I mean, just last week we had 2 on various things (post count and time at RPGC). Also, to tell me to quite being a dick, it might be more effective if you don’t act like one yourself. Just food for thought.

BMO, it feels phenomenal. I’d just like to thank God, my parents, my friends, you guys here at RPGC (also friends), the news paper boy, George W. Bush, my cat, my dog, the creepy guy that lvies across the street, my computer, the gas station attendant, and of course who could forget Triumph the insult comic dog for making this all possible.

I’m being a dick?

Umm… Nick, I’ve got bad news. We just found out that the paperboy has been attempting to sabatoge you the entire time. Our information indicates that your post count would have reached 1382 back in June if not for that nefarious son of a bitch. We have already had him removed and replaced with a handpicked tomato, so there is nothing to fear. I know this isn’t the most pleasant news, given your upcoming achievement, and I hope that it doesn’t kill the buzz, but I thought you should know.

The bastard! I knew someone was sabotaging me, btu I never imagined this. He will pay for his crimes!

Yes, because there was no need to call me a dick right fromt he get go. You could have said something like “Is this really necessary?” and keep your first part. Or maybe just say that I’m being a bit mean or cruel. Instead, you sort of scold and insult me.

Is this really neccessary?

Umm… yeah, I am going to agree with that one, is this really necessary? Can’t we just focus on that traitorous paper boy and get along?

Choose a death:

A. Sledgehammer to the skull
B. Choking in a vat of gelatin
C. Crushed by an elephant
D. Fucked by a knife
E. Turned into a frog and then eaten by wooly mammoths
F. Spontaneous combustion
G. Assassination by poison
H. Swallowing your own tongue while you’re drunk


The only thing getting old is your Jerkosity, Infonick! This isn’t a bandwagon, it’s an RPGC tradition!

You complain about every little thing! You’re even worse than Rirse! I should get the Turks to kick your unworthy ass!

Seriously though, shut the hell up Info. More than half your posts are typed in such a frantic rage that two thirds of your words are typos. You need to take a chilllll pill. Dork.

Yeah, what he said, Dork.

[psychiatrist mode]Woah, I’m sensing some major tension in the room.

Okay so everyone just take a deep breath, and let’s try and sort through all this negative energy, okay?[/psychiatrist mode]

dork dork snork fork!

Im making my 1000th post in this thread, to make a point or something…