Hypothetical Situation

It’s 2:30 in the morning, you must be up at 6 that same morning for school.
You’ve tried everything, including lying in bed since midnight.
There’s no drowsy medicine in the house you can safely take.
Do you lie there, even though you know it’s futile, or do you just stay awake, hoping you end up getting tired around 4, and pass out and get a 2 hour nap?
I’m doing the latter…

Would you do the same?

Steve. I’d just go lay down and close your eyes. At least you’d be resting. : \

Tried that for 2 and a half hours.
Tried strenuous activity, did about 100 pushups in the past 30 minutes or so…

If you can’t fall asleep, just get as comfortable in bed as you can and enjoy it. I usually find myself asleep before long.

When this stuff happens to me, I usually try doing some homework like math or geography while sitting on my bed. Around five minutes into it, I’m completly passed out.

I’m used to not sleeping, just watch TV or play some games or something. You can get some sleep at school.

If you can’t sleep, at least rest. I’ve tried just staying up but that doesn’t get me through the day but just lying down and resting refreshes me enough. Then again, I’m one of those people who needs at least eight hours of sleep to function the next day.

No I wouldn’t, I would be listening to music and reading a book until I fall asleep. Just like did last Thursday, and Friday, and the Thursday and Firday before there again. Stop complaining!

If it happens again and you need to be awaken at 6, you’d better not do anything that will get you tired.

When that happens, I open my books for my classes and read. They’re purposefully thick to cushion my face’s crash into the pages. If I really can’t fall asleep, I just find something to do instead of waste my time in the dark, rolling around.

Is it common for you to not be tired? Did you do anything like take any drugs or get really excited about something?

Step 1: Find hammer
Step 2: Use hammer on face
Step 3: Lose excessive amount of blood
Step 4: Sleep

Well, it isnt exactly sleep, but large quantities of alcohol would at least make you pass out. Of course, not getting any sleep at all might have you in better condition for school the next day.

I ‘Write’ or read books on my Palm (Green light). Either that or Play with My GBA Pokémon playing For my Shine, Possibly Rock and Roll Racing or Tactic or Sword of Mana.

Big Nutter
And Some times Listen to Music. But I’m rarely Needing to be getting up early.

Try reading a big, complicated book. Preferably one with a lot of big words that you don’t understand.

Failing that, I’ve often found that a light snack - some ramen or a sandwitch, maybe - can help.

I play video games.

Win-win situation - either I fall asleep, or I…well, play video games.

Yeah, it’s happened. I usually keep rolling around 'till I fall asleep.

I usually get up and turn the computer on, realize I’m all of a sudden too tired to keep my eyes open, and go back to bed.

Anything that’ll exhaust your eyes/mind usually works, so the Big Book reading thing is always a good strategy. Except when you can’t turn the lights on because you’ll wake someone up.

This has started happening to me every single night for some reason. =(

I just take a ton of meds. Whatever i can find.

Open a bottle of amonia and take a big sniff

Well, I made it through the day without any sleep…

Sin: I don’t do drugs… and I did get really really excited about somethin… but it wasn’t enough for me to lose a whole night’s sleep over it.