We will not fail!

4 more years!!!


hurray downfall of society!

Psst, BW2K4: you’re still doing the same things you were doing before to make people dislike you. It’s not gonna change just because you’re doing them more.

If the American populus votes Bush into office again then you’re all a bunch of retards. I’m right next door to the USA and I fear for my country every time Bush tries to pin something on us. " 911 Terrorists enter through Canada." NO THEY DIDN’T. I swear to god if Bush is voted into office again he’s gonna get us all killed.

I wanna vote. Stupid Bush. I think said it best when they said “last time people followed a Bush they wandered in the desert for 40 years.”

No, did not “say” it. They were merely quoting someone, who was in turn quoting someone else. Just thought I’d pointlessly split hairs. :slight_smile:

Charlie Brownism is probably better than blatant stupidity.

This article gives some hope.

I’m also not too worried about Bush being ahead electorally right now, it could motivate people to get out and vote for Kerry. Also, despite Bush being an incumbent, and Kerry not being a universal favorite, it is still a very close race. Also, these polls aren’t very accurate since they only reflect active people, not those that just vote and decide the day of.

Finally, yeah you are doing the same things that get people annoyed with you BW. I mean at least give us and idea about why you like Bush so much. What has he doen that is so great that you want him re-elected? I’lla dmit he’s done some good things, but he’s done more worse things. It is like for every good thing he does he does 10 other fuck ups.

Many of you have asked: “What Would Cthulhu Do, if voted into office?” The anwser is: Drive Everyone Mad and Eat Them…

I’ve said it before but if Bush wins this election I’ll have lost all faith in this nation and I’ll move to Canada immediately.

liberal pansy john kerry what a dumb flip flopper. even your own zell miller pwned u libs. were gonna win. so get used to 4 more years of a quality president.

So a quality President gave us a five trillion dollar debt. Right.

pussy ass liberal john fairy wants to be at the mercy of the un. were not gonna listen to retarted france. zell said it best tonight. u libs are gonna get pwned come november so go cry me a river.

Hey, how about you present a viable arguement using basic grammar skills or shut up. This crap is annoying.

I’ll bet you BushWins IS Bush.

Im not arguing. Im just saying that u libs are finished. Even your own points out what a pussy kerry is.

Point taken!

4 more years of a quality president?

Sorry to burst your bubble, dude, but Clinton can’t run again.

Its good that our president isnt a pussy like kerry. I cant wait to hear him speak tommrow.