How would I go about getting rid of a hickey on my neck?

I have like, an interview to go to on Tuesday. >_>

Cover up. Don’t bitch about getting make up. Your only other option is just to wear a turtleneck or a scarf.

Oh, and you’re a dumbshit for getting in such a visible place, IMO.

And I’m still waiting on her info.

And the pics.

And make your LJ font bigger, Jesus Christ.

Would it look too awkward with a band-aid on my neck?

Is there a pic of this somewhere?

EDIT: Seen your LJ for the first time. Yes, the band-aid sounds good, you can pass that for a cut you got while shaving.

I thought you weren’t supposed to be making these threads -_-;; I mean, we know that your proud of your recent park romps (or wherever they take place), but we all know you’re not asking how to get rid of them, as much as you’re saying, hey I had a girl suck on my neck. Damn.

No, really, I need a way to cover/get rid of this thing. :stuck_out_tongue: Even if I get through the interview, I still have to face 2 more weeks of school. :stuck_out_tongue:

omfg D:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

o hay thanks eva for saying what i’m thinking but being tactful about it.

You don’t. You’re fucked.

I hope you mean fucked in the way I think you mean it.

Well, I guess a band-aid will do.

What Sin said.

The only thing that get’s rid of them is time, since it is basically a bruise.

So yeah, your best bet is a band aid.

This reminds me of this girl who used to work at my company years ago… her boyfriend was in jail for killing someone while driving drunk (I don’t remember the exact charge, but who cares), and she’d go for conjugal visits every weekend. She was dumb enough to get hickeys all over her neck that would last until at least Wednesday, only to replenish them within a couple more days. Hilarious.

COVER UP. Sweet Jesus. It’s not as cheap as band-aids, but if you find a tone that matches your skin, it looks better than a band-aid. Especially when you wear it for more than a week.

Wait, what the fuck? These last for more than a week? D:

Psh, everyone knows, it’s more manly to have injuries than to wear make-up. Or something to that extent. Get in fight, and get some more bruises so no one will notice.

Except that no one gets injured in a telltale spot on the neck. It would just look worse. I remember this guy in junior high who let his girlfriend like, suck his skin off. His bruise was HUGE and brown and purple. It was disgusting. Even with a hood it wasn’t covered.

I’ve had some last for two. Get on AIM. We’ll talk. Now.

In my long experience, I still haven’t figured this one out - what is so damn enjoyable about getting (or giving) hickeys anyway? :smiley:

The enjoyment obviously being that you can post on a forum about it afterward in a failed attempt to brag about your accomplishments. :wink:

Toss a spoon in the freezer. Pull it out in about an hour and hold it on your hickey for as long as possible. Rinse, repeat.

Unless of course, he were to lose the fight. There was a fight between a white guy and a Hawiian guy at my school, and the white guys neck was all bruised on his neck because the Hawiian decked him and started to choke him.