How old are we all?

I’ll be 18 on the 20th.

19 next month.

Nineteen, turning twenty in May.

You write out numbers that are two words or less, and write in numerals numbers more than two words. Any integer below one hundred (and non-negative) is less than two words, so they’re all written out.

(So ninety-nine, one hundred, 101, two hundred, one thousand, 1234, one million, five billion, 6,386,102,754,812, etc.)

The above doesn’t apply to consecutive numbers, as one could write “We had four 20 ounce steaks.”

Of course, you always write out numbers that begin sentences.

And just so y’all fuckers know, 984 is ALWAYS 984. It is a name, not a number. The 984 deserves his own conventions.

21 here.

I’m 17 (And older than Crotanks? Wtf he looks like he’s 25)

Am I considered oldschool RPGC?!? For some reason I remember being here when I was 12 and everyone always made the “random 12 year old immature idiot on the internet” joke and I was always thinking “lol i’d pwn these guys” in my head

  1. Came here just days before my 15th birthday, and I would hope (REALLY hope, considering what I remember about myself then) that I have matured a lot sicne then. Mostly due to this site.


Old guard. Twenty-three. I barely feel like a member of the community now, but I think, at one point, I was high enough to be considered a member of the guard.

just a random 20 year-old who pops in on occasion.

As of March 7th, I will be 17!!! :smiley:

I’m twenty.

I’ve heard of at least five different systems. The answer is, it’s completely arbitrary, as long as you’re consistent. Spelling numbers out is often seen as more proper, which is why in old documents the year was written “seventeen seventy-six.” Numerals can also jar you into a kind of math mentality, and be distracting that way. The advantage of numerals is that they’re easier to read, easier to recognize as numbers, and take up less space on the page.

The one thing everyone agrees on is that 1-10 should be written one through ten. This is because these numbers are just as easy to read and recognize in word form as in numeral form, and still take up little space, thus negating the advantages of numerals.


Yup, I’m the oldest geek here, and proud of it!! I’ve been making jokes about my age since I joined, and I’ll probably continue to do so. :wink:

(Well, actually, my friend Liz, who joined last Xmas, is 47, making her the oldest RPGC member. But she’s hardly ever on -she joined mainly to read and post in my stories- so, technically, I’m still the oldest active board member.)

I’ll be 40 this May, and I can’t wait for it- y’see, unlike most people, birthdays don’t make me feel old, they make me happy that I’ve had the fortune of living one more year. I’ve lived for four decades, and enjoyed (most) of it. And I look forth to many more!

I’m 21, which means… uh… nothing.

And I’ve been here for what, 3 years now?

13 here. Hehe.

Lolz I’d pwn all of you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait a tick. Does that mean I have to spell it out like…

The Nine Eight Four got pwnz0rd by Sparrowhawk?

  1. I don’t know what happened to the age thingy. It broke when I was 22.

Obviously you could not read what I wrote. Come back in 5 years when you are literate. It will make for a better experience.