How old are we all?

I am only 24, but it would seem I having serious trouble finding evidence that anyone else on this forum is as old or older than I. Surely I am not the geezer here? If so, I can only suppose it is appropriate, as I have enough grey hair that I get mistaken for someone in their late 30’s. I tried to start veiwing how old each member was by looking at their profiles, but I decided that would take too long, and so I look at the first ten names on 20 out of 26 letters as per the categories being arranged alphabetically, and it would seem the vast majority are 17 or younger, not a negative thing, and I tried to target some of the active members with whom I would feel that I am familiar with as well, but basic same result. Is this true? Did I just look at all the wrong profiles? Or, as I previously asked, am I one of the geezers here? Post your ages, just wanting to know how many Relms and how many Stregos we have.

Edit: Another reason I started this thread is that I was dissapointed with the fact that most of the ages were not mentioned in the birthday thread.

We used to have age labeled on the side. What the hell happened to that Merlin/984?

I’m 23.

I am also 24.

And I think Wilfredo is the resident geezer around here.


Yeah, Wilfredo is the oldest.

The geezest, but still the coolest!

Eighteen. The average here was 17-22 but I think it moved to 18-23.

I did not check his profile. Thanks for the info though.

17 on the 19th.

14 im a newb at life.

  1. The old guard of the site are all in their lower-to-mid 20s.

Out of curiousity, would anyone happen to know the rule for written English concerning how you write out numbers? I was told back in the fifth grade (after trying to fill out a report concerning the planet Jupiter by expanding all number measurements into word form) that you only write out the numbers zero to twenty as words, and anything higher is written as 21, 3094, etc.

I’m 18 although most people think i’m younger than that.

Psh, you’re lucky. When I was in school we had to write out anything up to one hundred.

22 here, but I somethimes think I’m more mature when people go absolutely bonkers, which happens be a lot.

21 (22 in April)

You write the numbers one through twelve as letters and everything above as numbers, unless it is in the beginning of a sentence, then you always write it out in letters.

[/li][li]One-million-three-hundred-thousand-and-fifty-one years ago, the Sinistrals were born.
[/li][li]Sinistral is really 1,000,000 years old.

16, and now I feel more young and immature than usual.

I’m not considered old guard though :frowning:

24-to-be next month

Ask Merl or Z. I can’t touch that shit.

I’m Transitory Guard. :expressionless: I’m from the Jim Era, but I was only a Staffer under him for 10 days or so. I would consider Orak the very first New Guard Staffer. However, I do classify myself as one of the Old Guard of the chat since my Op predates the Op Restructuring of 2001 or 2002. I’m the longest continually served Op, which is an accomplishment, I guess. Only two people with current Ops, Zepp and SG, had Ops as Old Guard, but they lost it. But still, I don’t know if I truly consider myself Staff Old Guard. :expressionless:

That said, I am 984.