How old are of forum members?

i’m new on this forum)
my name John
i’m 25 years old

How old are of forum members?)

wouldn’t you post this in the main forum?

I think a lot of people are mid-twenties now. I’m almost 20.

Old Man Martinez here! I’m 43 (That’s FORTY-THREE! :eek:) years old, and the second oldest RPGC member (the oldest would be my friend Liz, who is in her 50s, but she rarely posts.) We are the exception, though. Most folks here are in their 20s. The youngest is Kirokokiri, who’s 15 (and was 11 when she joined!)

But age doesn’t matter here, only your attitude. That’s why I stuck around here- nobody treated me better or worse for being older, and that’s just what I wanted. :wink:

And welcome, John!

I’m 57.

6 and 32 33rds.

I’m over 9000 years old!

I’m 274 12ths. Hmm doesn’t sound as old when I say it like that.

Hello John.

I’m 10110. I think. I could be wrong though.






I’m 27 (just turned on the 7th), but I think I joined when I was 14 or 15.

I am also a quarter of a century, OP.

I’m 20 now

jesus christ

  1. And age really doesn’t matter, unless you’re a child prodigy posting new, clean renewable sources of energy or if you’re a dirty old man asking for a lawsuit on matters most underage.

Im 22


I keep forgetting I’m older than Sin. That’s just odd, somehow.