How obsessed are you?

:get it?: Woud you name your child after a person in FF? Do you have a tattoo of Cloud on your sholder? Do you dream about the games? Have you ever dumped someone because they did not play FF? Have you ever cried out Tifa’s name during the night? Have you ever done anything like cosplay? And finally, did you ever date someone cause they looked like someone from the games? :noway:

I have done some of them…I dated a girl who looked like Tifa, I do cosplay as Cloud…and I have had dreams where I am in Tacticts and fighting along side Ramza…And I decided I was gonna name my first daughter Rikku and my first son Auron…Cause they just sound cool. and I have a tat of Cloud running down my arm…god I need help! But my girl thinks it is cool cause we meet on FFXI :hyperven:

I’m not.

You on the other hand, could use some professional help.

Not to sound… mean… but what is your “first Some” and who is “Could”?

I’m not.

You on the other hand, could use some professional help.


I once knew a girl who looked like Rinoa… and Garnet… actually, cine i knew the girl when we were 12, Rinoa and Garnet look like her… ohh, and thank you for reminding me of such a painful subject, why dont you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it ! (youll never guess where i got that one) I was thinking of naming my firstorn Yoshitaka or Hironobu… or Nobuo… you know, but then it occured to me that i;m not japanese, and the kid would be made fun of. So then was thinking of naming him Sue… yeah, Sue would make a great name !

There’s this place called “the real world”, where magic isn’t commonly practiced and people don’t walk about slaying monsters for a living. Despite this, it’s an interesting place to live. You should try visiting there some time.
Seriously, there is a point where an interest turns unhealthy, and while I don’t think you’ve passed it, remember that there is more to life than Final Fantasy.

i cant say that im obsesed with final fantasy.

but i can say that i went to a cosplay dressed as cait sith.:moogle:

FFGod that’s a little creepy and not to sound offensive I think your children will get made fun of just a wee bit with names like that.

Who believes he’s faking it?

Naw man, your girlfriend fakes it… but this guy… i think he’s the rizzle dizzle

Who believes he’s faking it?

rises hand

Can you post a pic of your tatoo I’d like to see it.

I would SO name my kid Zidane or Sephiroth or Sabin or Garnet.

Garnet might actually be one of the name’s you could name your child, might be a little bit risky though.

the name sabine exists, but it’s a girls name (and i even know some sabines)
but who would name his child after sabin anyway?

There’s nothing wrong with names like Garnet Rinoa or Terra. With retarded celebrities in the media these days naming their baby girls “Apple” and “Coco” I;m sure the child would get away with it. Seriously. There are lots of silly names out there. Auron and Rikku aren’t silly, they’re weird. They’re not western names, and wouldn’t go with any western last name. Naming your kid after FF is where I would draw the line. That’s like proffessing your ultimate love for FF, which overshadows that of your child. No, seriously. Don’t inflict that type of fanatic shit on your children. Tattoo Cloud and do all the Tifa lookalikes you want, but leave the innocent kids out of your obsession :stuck_out_tongue:

I own the FF soundtracks, but I haven’t listened to those in months. Namco’s Rolling Thunder series, Ridge Racer series, Dragon Spirit/Saber are what are currently dominating my portable :stuck_out_tongue: That and anything by Motoi Sakuraba :slight_smile: He just pwns Uematsu any day of the week as far as I’m concerned :stuck_out_tongue: So to answer your question, no, I’m not obsessed over FF in the least :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Silent Hill 4 OST, too ! ^^; Go Yamaoka !

The worst I did was dress up as Golbez for Halloween. Yes, that’s right… Golbez. 8P

Sakuraba does rule, indeed. Especially the VP soundtrack and the “calm” themes in SO2, like the Shingo Forest. I once heard someone say that there are two sides to Sakuraba: his calm side, and his intense side.

Though I still prefer Michiko Naruke anyday! 8)

Dear Dalton,

no one, NO ONE, has helped the VGM industry as much as Shinji Hosoe :stuck_out_tongue: Try to prove me wrong as you go through his discography :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: There’s also Akira Yamaoka, famous for the Silent Hill series and Contra: Shattered Soldier, which I also consider far more influential than Uematsu, and I put him aside Hosoe and Sakuraba :slight_smile:

…It’s just a game dude…