How obsessed are you?

/me tries to remember a single time Dragon_God has said anything in this forum not relating to game music.
/me fails miserably.

Anyhoo, yeah, Sakuraba has two very distinct styles. In fact, most of the soundtracks are very conscious of this and tend to put all the soft stuff first followed by the booming techno stuff. Personally I usually like his soft stuff but can’t stand the techno. And IMO Yasunori Mitsuda is far better than anyone else I’ve heard, but I’m in no mood to actually debate this with DG. 8p

Cid : Sakuraba doing techno ? No no no no… it’s his progressive rock roots ^-^ He started off in a progressive rock band called “Deja Vu”, I’ve yet to get the CD “Baroque in the Future”, but I’m seriously considering it.

I Remember Last year Nutter, wanted to go out some one looked like Rikku. I Know that Shes to old him.

Big Nutter
If you looked at her she would appear 18 tops. But she past 21 quite a bit ago.

Nothing wrong with over 21 !!

So, i take it DG is the guy to talk to about music, ehh ?

Actually, if you do like the name, it wouldnt be too fucked up to name your kid that. You gotta think about the age the kids will be growing up in. If you named your daughter Garnet Rose… no one will connect it to FF. For starters, Garnet is a type of exotic stone, and Rose is an exotic flower. I very much like the name Garnet Rose. Terra is a common name. Rinoa could be considered an exotic name. Edgar is kinda common, you could get away with naming your son Locke(Locklear). Firion could be exotic for a guy, same for Zidane. If you like the name because the name sounds good, there shouldnt be a problem that you heard it in FF. In my opinion, choosing a name from your memory that you like is better than consulting the “Baby Book of Names”. That being said, i agree with Evengelion 100%

UNPOINT: No one connects my name, Nathan, to the prophet in the Old Testament who wanted revenge on King David for stealing his wife… no one !

Errm, Star Ocean 2? I found a battle OST MP3. That Alone has convince me to buy the game. But i can’t buy it cos in im the uk.

BL, She nearer 30 than 21.

closer to 30 ?? we’ll… as long as there arent soldiers dropping off, i’d hit it.

Naming my child after a FF Character?

Hell no.

I like Final Fantasy a lot but I do think about other things. Overall I’m obsessed with one thing, but at least it’s real and truly happened.

I’d rather name my child Sabin than Mash.

Anyway, I’m toying with naming my first daughter “Lilith Eve” (An imaginary cyber-cookie for anybody who understands the juxtaposition of the first and middle names). If I ever have twin boys, I might just be mean and name them Biggs and Wedge.

I’m joking with the Biggs and Wedge thing. Probably with the Lilith thing too (maybe). But I wouldn’t mind naming a daughter Rydia, Celes, Terra, Leila, or Sara after their various FF counterparts. I can’t think of any FF male names off the top of my head I’d want to use… except maybe Reeve or Rufus. Not because I like those names or anything, but just because Reeve and Rufus were both so damn cool.

Well as long as you truly think tht the meaning of the name is the right meaning you want for your child. I don’t think it really matters where you got it from.

And besides, no matter what name you give a child, someone somewhere will no doubt find a something it is connected to. So why not let it be something famous? Not that I’d ever do that myself of course.

Actually that’s my oldest niece’s name, although she wasn’t named after the FF character.

I did say that she looked 18 and FFX-2 Rikku, (esp. when she has a blue hair band).

Big Nutter
But I Have A Whelks Chance in a Supernova.


I actually have considered naming my first cat I get on my own Shiva, Tifa, Realm, Terra, or Celes…

I’d name my cat Cait Sith or just Sith (especially if he looks like Cait Sith). Cats have a lot weirder names than humans so you could get away with it, methinks.

Whenever I see a cat that looks like Cait Sith I automatically call it that even if I know its real name. ::dekar!::

Would I name my kid a FF name? Well… if I did, I think that the name would eventually become my kid’s name, not the character’s name, you know? Eventually you would think of, say, Zidane (if you decided to name your kid that) and you would think of your kid, not the FF character. Does anyone understand what I’m talking about?

Terra, Garnet, Celes, Freya, and Rinoa I would consider.
Sara is a perfectly normal name.
Possibly Selphie or Shiva (possibly risky).
Rosa is kind of old-fashioned.
Rydia sounds like a celebrity name.
Boys names I don’t know: Cid, Rufus, Edgar and Gareth are alright.
I HATE the name Cecil.

My girlfriend looks kind of like Tifa, not quite as endowed in the chest though.
When I was a kid, I thought if there was a God, and a heaven, that I’d get to live in Final Fantasy 6, and hang out with my favorite characters. That was really my highest hope for the after life.

That is scary…
My hope was for 9.


i used to play FF1 as a kid… I took the cushions off the lawns chairs and used it for armor, taped a couple yard sticks together for a sword, and BAM… FF1 city