How many people use cheat codes in Final Fantasy?

I use cheat codes after i beat the game raw. How bout u?
and does it really matter.:enguard:

Anyone who uses cheats and any sort of codes are weak. I despise those that resrt to codes at any time, period.

Codes?! In FF?!
Only for experimental purposes. They take away all the fun.

The only time is when I have to reach something near the very end (Such as for sprite ripping when I was doing my comic) and didn’t have any saves near there.

I only use them to try stuff out in games for fun (like replace adult Rydia with kid Rydia).


Nope, can’t say i have

Well I’ve always wanted to take my end-of-game file and just add cheat codes to either get experience modifiers, or add things like sources to my inventory in FF7, but I can never seem to get them to work anyway.

CHEAT CODES!?!?!?!?? HAH only weak ppl use cheat codes.

Originally posted by drkknight
CHEAT CODES!?!?!?!?? HAH only weak ppl use cheat codes.
Only weak people leave all the vowels out of a word to shorten it, eh DRK knight?

errr… i’ll keep quiet now


Only when I’ve already beaten the game several times and only when I’m REALLY bored…

Nope, never.

I never even knew there were any “cheat codes” for any FF!!

So that would be a no, I don’t use cheat codes, well at least not for FF, I do with other games but that’s just for fun, I never save them!

i never use cheats, it’s just the weak mans way out of things

I did it in FFVIII so I didn’t have to deal with the s0x0rs of the game. It was better with cheats. But otherwise, only after I beat a game for fun.

Heaven’s Soldier: The codes I’VE used are Gameshark. I don’t think they ACTUALLY put any codes in. There’s are, for the SNES ones, Game Genie.

I always make a cheating and non-cheating save.
I generally beat the game without cheating first, then go back and cheat, but occasionally, I break tradition.

Occasionally, if I’ve beaten the game before. I used to do so more than I do now. I haven’t owned a cheating device since a Game Genie for the SNES. At the present the only cheats I might use are ones built into the game (like Wild Arms’ item duplication trick). Since I don’t know of any of those type for FF8 - 10…then no. Never got around to duplicating items in FF7, because I always had enough items anyway.

To the point of anyone who uses codes being “weak” or something…that’s just stupid. Very, very stupid.

Outrageous! Never! whistles suspiciously …OK, yes I’ve used them, but only for FF7, I’d completed it twice so I thought I might as well… bows head ashamedly:frowning: