How many people use cheat codes in Final Fantasy?

The only time i ever used codes was after i completed ff 8 i would never use them unless i had already completed the game

I hate cheating in any game, even after completion. It takes away any sense of achievement and, besides, in FF, cheat codes give you advantages that often screw up the story, like having Sephiroth in your party. I don’t like 'em, not one bit.

Well I tried to use cheat codes for FF2 (j). Basically it was to start off my characters with more hit points and to make some stuff cheaper… but that ended up screwing up the game. Now I’m trying to play it for real for the third time to see if I do any better…

HAH I SPEAK! useing cheat codes ruins the experience. a rpg is meant for players to find ways to get around hard bosses on there own. you play rpg’s for the story and the feeling of pride when you finaly find that weapon, when you reach the highest level after hours of traning, and defeating the final boss after hours of training. this is all done with out cheat codes. what kind of gamer wouldn’t want to work to master a final fantasy? i remember my first FF… it was FFVII. I was so happy when i defeated shepiroth. i felt like i’ve done the impossible. i played for hours finding ways to beat him. when i heard ppl used codes to get these items… i was so mad. how could they ruin a great experience?

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Well every now and then I become too lazy to correct my grammer. Today seems to be one of those days.

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And that’s All I can see now. Oh, and it’s supposedf to be AN RPG, not A RPG.

So it’s AN RPG but A Role Playing Game;)

Alright! I don’t use correct grammer all the time. Today is just one of those days where I do not want to use correct grammer, I would rather consern myself with making a point. No one should ever use cheat codes, which ruins the fun of an RPG.

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Alright! I don’t use correct grammer all the time.

When then at least use correct spelling with your incorrect grammar

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No one should ever use cheat codes, which ruins the fun of an RPG.

That’s your opinion, bud, and nothing more. I’ve had fun going through RPGs using cheat codes before, and no matter how many times people arbitrarily declare that using codes makes the games no fun, doing so will never make it true.

Using cheat codes is not necessarily weak and a big cop out. They’re a lot of fun and bends the game’s logic and rules. I would finish a game first, and then go back and see what secrets I could unlock with cheat codes…I wouldn’t use codes to decrease difficulty. it’s just experimentation and random fun that’s all. However if one if depending on cheat codes to survive in a game, that’s a different story.

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I use cheat codes after i beat the game raw. How bout u?
and does it really matter.:enguard:

I agree, I use codes only once I have played the game enough that it turns into a bloody puddle, BLUDDY PUTTLE!

One day I got bored in FF4 in that place with the evil walls, and stuck on the walk through walls code. That was… interesting O_o

Places with no exit that you don’t actually see in the game are scary ._.

I don’t use cheat codes at all either. Although I wouldn’t mind using a speed leveling code to gain like ten level quick somethimes without spending hours doing so. I wouldn’t go overboard, just to speed the game up a little. Leveling is sometimes fun but can get really tedious.

uses cheat codes to survive in real life



i always do the games are boring witout them