how many of you like anime?

I know sooooo many people that like anime; I just want to see how many people like it enough to become overly obessed with it… anwser these questions for me to tell you the anwsers in…1 week( Today is 5/23/03). Okay here it goes…

  1. Can you name all of the manga’s or movies you own?
  2. how many animes or manga’s have you read that you can rember?


  1. can you name all the anime that you have seen or read youre entire life?

    As you can tell i have asked these questions before. actually I just want peoples opion about what anime's people have seen.


:wave: bye!!! I will see your anwsers in one week. Thanks!

1-) Yes. That would be Evangelion, Berserk & soon enough, Animatrix. The rest, I watched on TV or in Cinema so though I don’t own them I know everything 'bout them.

2-) Some 20. I don’t feel like counting right now (unless you want me to name them all).

3-) Yes.

I’ve been an anime geek for longer than you can imagine. My avatar dates back to 1986 for example, and is not the oldest anime I can remember (anyone seen Ghost in the Shell?)

<img src=“”> Ghost in The Shell is the only anime I actually own :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s obvious that the people who post here like anime. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate anime, it should burn I just act like I like it.

Let’s see, I think I can recall parts of it.

[li]FLCL DVDs Vol. 1 & 2
[/li][li]Boogiepop Phantom DVDs All
[/li][li]SE: Lain DVD Vol. 1
[/li][li]Escaflowne DVDs Vol. 1 & 2 & 3 & 5
[/li][li]Record of Lodoss War OVA DVDs All
[/li][li]Record of Lodoss War TV VHSes All
[/li][li]Kare Kano DVD Vol. 1
[/li][li]Lots and lots of fansubs. I don’t want to begin listing those.

[li]FLCL Vol. 1 (RAW)
[/li][li]Love Hina Vol. 1 (RAW)
[/li][li]Kenshin Vol. 1 & 2 (RAW)
[/li][li]Oh My Goddess Movie Comic Vol. 1 (RAW)
[/li][li]Oh My Goddess Vol. 1 (Bilingual)
[/li][li]Mini Goddesses Vol. 1
[/li][li]Record of Lodoss War The Grey Witch Vol. 1

As for the third question. No I can’t.

All of them have their good sides, and all of them have their bad sides. I reccomend watching them, however, whether you like them or not is entierly up to your personality and tastes.

I’m trying to draw a manga. Does that suggest something to you?
Anyway… 1) Yes.
2) counts, then pauses thoughtfully Uh… do onlines count?
3) See 1). I think…

Dude, don’t try to make a manga…leave that to the japs.

I am NOT naming every anime and manga ive seen/read, i wanna sleep tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, it would take a while, ive seen so much, and i own about 50manga and over 20 dvds

I d/l so many fansubs that i would have to look at my list to remember all that ive seen

So? I wanna! goes off to draw

Sweet Jesus. There’s no way I can name all the anime that I’ve seen. I have about 300 CDs (not to mention the stuff I own/have borrowed/have watched with other people) worth of it, and while I remember everything I saw if I happen to think of it, I wouldn’t be able to come up with the titles off the top of my head. Manga’s easier - I’ve read very little of it. Only one thing comes to mind, in fact - Magic Knight Rayearth (haven’t finished it all, though…only read 5 of the volumes that’ve come out in the US).

I think I can do most of that, mostly because I don’t realy wacth that much anime/manga, but I am trying to watch more! I’ve even got one to catch up with, from Thursday (when I taped it)

I have about 500cds + 65gigs of anime on my Hds. You guys know me a bit, i supply DS and Zero with anime all year long :smiley:

shakes a fist at Qpz4

It’s on, Qpz4. Not until I get back to college next year, but, it’s on…

(Summer spent on a 56k line…it’s a dry season for anime)

heh, you know what, I made a thread similar to this one when I first joined. :wink:

But here I go:

  1. Salior Moon, I own most of the manga. Pokemon

as for anime, DBZ- lord slug, return of Cooler, Cooler’s revenge, The dead zone, the tree of might, Bardock father of goku, History of Trunks.

Sailor Moon- the black dream hole, hearts in ice, Promise of the rose, and Ami’s first love in Jap.

Ruin exploeres. Pokemon 1-3 and others that I can’t remember.

  1. I have read most likely 15. DBZ, Yu-gi-oh, and pokemon. Although I don’t own any.

  2. too many to keep count :slight_smile:

I don’t watch anime, but I read manga and american comic books.

I’ve got:

The entire Dragon Ball series, the entire Ranma Series, most of Card Capture Sakura, and the first 3 of X/1999.

And I’ve got a bunch of randomly assorted american comic books usually of the super hero variety. Stuff like Green Lantern, Spiderman, JLA, Batman, Superman etc, but I’ve also got some Squee.

  1. Can you name all of the manga’s or movies you own?
    Yes. You didnt ask to list them.

  2. how many animes or manga’s have you read that you can rember? over 80

  3. can you name all the anime that you have seen or read youre entire life? Yes, you really want a list dont you…

  1. I own Evangelion, Love Hina, The Slayers, Cowboy Bebop, 1st DVD of Great Teacher Onizuka, Outlaw Star, and Metropolis.

  2. Most of Love Hina and X/1999. I don’t read as much manga but meh.

  3. Yeah, all of number one, along with Dragonball, Dragonball Z, most of Bastard, Spirited Away, Hellsing, Blood the Last Vampire, and the list goes on and on =P

Neon Genesis Evangelion: TV, both movies
Record of Lodoss War: OVA, TV
Cowboy Beebop: Knocking on Heaven’s Door
Witch Hunter Robin
Kenshin OVA, Trust, Betrale
Princess Mononoke

Soon, Hellsing

I dont read manga…
And i dont remember the name of all of them… but i’ll try
now… in semi-chronological order

Stuff i saw in China:
The anime of Ren’s avatar… my 1st anime ever… not sure of the english name (i saw it in China)
Another anime of a big blue robotic cat with a pocket (dont remember the name… in chinese is translated as “Robotic Cat” (yeah yeah… great translation) or, "Ding Dong)…
Ronin Warriors (also saw it in China… but i eventually found out it’s English title)
Dragonball (the original one… with goku as the little kid)
Dragonball Z
Slam Dunk
Some weird anime about a bunch of kids racing toy cars

Stuff i saw in Canada:
Sailor Moon
(yes, i know… sad…)

Stuff i saw in the US:
Card Captors
Record of Lodoss War OVA
Fshugi Yugi
Escaflowne TV
Grave of the Fireflys
Vampire Hunter D
Kenshin TV, Trust, Betrale
Both Evangelion movies
Witch Hunter Robin (most of it)
Yami no Matsui
Cowboy Beebop
(2 eps of) Animatrix
Yu Gi Yo

ok… and that’s about it…

isnt this the same as 2?

Well, actually i’m poor so i don’t have many manga, ut my sister and i like to borrow it to another person, my best shot is reading 12 manga in one day, hehehe… i read many mangas maybe hundreds. I like watching anime on TV too like Jubei-chan, Mushrambo, Trouble Chocolate, trigun and else.