How do you say "Sephiroth"?

I always thought it was Seff-uh-roth or Seff-ih-roth, but then yesterday I was listening to One Winged Angel (the one with the words) from the FFVII soundtrack and they say it Seff-ee-roth. The people ARE singing in some other language (I don’t think it’s japanese, but I could be wrong) and maybe they have an accent… or something like that. I dunno, what do you think?

I pronounce it Seff-ee-roth.

But that sounds funny. Probably because I’m used to saying it another way. Actually, I had a similar problem pronouncing Tidus as Tie-dus. I mean, they never say his name in FFX. But then I got Kingdom Hearts and Little Wakka says, “Me and Tidus, we’re going to do a little exploring today.” He pronounces it Tee-dus. So that’s how I say it now.

I’ve ever called him Tee-dus. But I’m not sure that my pronounciation is right…

I always pronounced it Seh-phih-roth, meself- that or just plain “seph”. Most people know who I’m talking about :slight_smile:

The only possible correct answer for your question is ‘Mugu Mugu’.

The language of One Winged Angel is Latin, and yes, you do pronounce it that way.

I think it’s Latin they’re singing in. And words get exagerated and whatnot when theyre sung…

As for me, I say Seph-er-roth…I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it differently.

I’ve never played FF10, but I always assumed Tidus was Teedus, so yay.

EDIT:beaten to it

I usually say it ‘Sep-A-Roth’,

Seffy-Roth or something like that.

Hmm… I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced as “Seph-fear-roth”. Yup, a lot of my friends call Tidus “Tite-Dus”… ah well…

Se-fer-oth for me.


Yar, sounds 'bout right. But ya know, you could probaly get away with swapping the R out with an L. In japanese, most R’s are L’s.

PRONUNseeAySHUN: Sef-ee-loth with as little o in oth as possible.


Oh I get it… So it’s supposed to be pronounced as “Sephy-roth” or “Se-Fee-Roth” or “Seffee-R-off”… Never mind.

yeah, since it’s a japanese game, it would make sense that japanese linguistic laws would hold to it, right ?

Hmmm, I’m not sure how to pronounce it. I’ve always said Se-Fur-Oth. But I’m from the states and the way we say things is a lot different from Japan where the game is made. I said Tidus Tie-Tis. I also heard the reference in KH and I was like “WTF?”

Won’t Cloud mention ‘Sep-pre-oth’ in FF7:AC? I’ve seen the ‘look though Fire, turn away’ on a FF7:AC Tralier, it is very simalar to the FF7 FMV.

Big Nutter

Besides, I haven’t any clue how to pronounce Aerith…