How did you like secondary/high school?

How did you like secondary school/high school/equivalent in Europe or Asia?

I hated it so much I dropped out and almost fucked up my future :/. Luckily though, I was allowed to get into college.

well, i’m still in high school and so far it’s shit, just my personal opinion.

Im trying to repress those memories.

puts down nuke


Almost done… It’s hell!


Uhh… highschool is okay. I dislike how it is basicly a puppy mill where you are force feed what sociaty wants from you and ya…

Eh, one lives. Atleast it isn’t a military dictatorship. Just a mostly benevolent one.


I’m enjoying High school. Bt then again, i go to a special school, so I’m much better off than most.

Consider yourself lucky, then. If you had been through half of the things I faced, you’d be worse than me.

Originally posted by Manus Dei
Consider yourself lucky, then. If you had been through half of the things I faced, you’d be worse than me.

I find that unlikely, every teenager has woes and things to bother him, however no matter how much you’re picked on, how alone you feel, your situation is just not entirely unique: other kids suffer, other kids have troubles, and your claim is simply implausible.

We’ll see about that when you have people insulting your family and calling you obscenely intolerable names.

<img src=“”> Try people shooting your friends in the face after school. That’s gotta make the insults look kinda stupid, doesn’t it?

And bleh, I loathed it. The stuff they thaught us was too frickin’ easy, not interesting, required, and since the majority of the people there are in the middle of puberty, it’s not a very nice place to be, period.

Indecent schedules, boring classes, childish classmates who act like stupid kids…

I Enjoy It…And I’m a Catholic Schoolboy…I Really don’t know how i can like my evil…damn fucking school that is destroying my life…and bans the use of everything, but…whatever…i like it

I’m still in high school and to be honest, its crap. CRAP!!! I don’t really learn anything and ITS CRAP!!!

Plus we have to speak Welsh all the bloody time which doesn’t help.


I’m not sure how many people here may agree with me, but I found MIDDLE School (Grades 6-8, for me) to be “The Hell Years” for me. Of course, this was BEFORE I was being treated for my S.A.D., Suicidal tendencies, and all-around depression.

I hate high school I’m going into my second year. Mind you it was better than junior high…that was absolutely terrible for me. In HS you tend to have more free reign.


…What? I get all stressed and stuff whenever I go…

:enguard: p:unch::

:enguard: : whump

p:unch:: Haw haw.

…Uhm, yeah.

Officially I finished (compulsorily) school, as of two weeks ago. However I’m still stuck there for 2 more years, for my ‘A Levels’.

But anyway, I actually enjoyed school, I just can’t remember what any of my teachers said, about the subjects. I still think I did well though!!

Manus: I’ve suffered everything you have. Hell, I was nearly beaten within an inch of my life once because some guy “just felt like it”. However, that only made me a very bitter individual, as well as slightly depressed.

I suffered nothing but ridicule from everyone around me. I’m overweight, so naturally “fatty” and other names of that ilk followed. I’m also REAL short, so the “midget” thing came in, too (even though I’m 5’4", which means I’m NOT a midget). I just shrugged it off, though, and laughed at the fact that the people that call you fat will end up fat later on.

Then there were the girls. Oh God, the girls. I’d rather avoid that subject.

So, I hated High School.