How did you like secondary/high school?

Still in, still enjoying. It is preferable to my current occupation, the “Summer assistant at conveyorlines”

Last year is coming up, and we’ll see if I’ll attempt to get into a University. Maybe an art academy. who knows? Everything’s basically hanging on my last year. Bah, I’ll ridicule this as “TOO EASY” now, and then miss it a lot when I get a much harder thing to study. Sigh, mistakes now, or mistakes later?

It was all right, but I just got really sick and tire dof the people in my grade, that’s one of the reasons I’m happy to go to college, fresh start, new people. Sounds cool to me.

Meh, I’m not in high school yet so I guess I can’t vote.:hmm:

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We’ll see about that when you have people insulting your family and calling you obscenely intolerable names.

That’s it? Sheesh, grow a backbone or cry me a river. Ever hear the saying ‘Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will not’? I’m not sure if it’s the original saying but it is truthful: words. Opinions of others will not affect your existance unless you WANT them to, thus, hateful words against yourself or your relatives can only affect you if you’re too soft to have a shell against it. I’ve been called a fair share of names myself in my highschool years since I had no interest for the ‘in’ groups or shared their views, they’re just names. Heck, whenever someone calls me a bastard I just say “I know.” and keep walking, since it’s the only truthful ‘insult’ so it causes no harm.

I’ve only been through one year of junior high, but I enjoyed it. I’m sad that all my friends are gone for the summer though.

Seriously, everybody gets teased. No person can honestly say that they weren’t teased at all during their life span. And if you can’t handle a few slurs in your direction, it’s a wonder you’ve made it this far.