How cool are your parents?

[Urkani] My mum’s cool. She plays DnD a lot and she likes playing RPGs too.
[Urkani] And she always beats me on Tekken tag…

Said in the chat, Not 5 mins ago. Just Curious if anyone else has parents as cool as Urk :stuck_out_tongue:

My mom is almost never home as tends to go out partying with her friends often. And she’s rather young so it’s more like having an older sister then a mother sometimes.

Hey, I didn’t say my dad was cool. He plays Sports games. Ugh.

I can’t really tell you how cool my mom is, because to be honest, I’m just not quite sure myself. Any parent knows when shit is up with their kid, and I’ve come home drunk, high, and just fucked up in general, and of course my mom has to know what this looks like (my brother was a pretty big druggie), and I’ve never taken shit for it. Also, there are times where my room reeks of a smell of smoke, and I’ve still never gotten odd looks or “Whats that smell?” My dad smoked, so she definitly knows what that smells like.

Hell, I watch porn with her a few rooms down and she doesn’t ever come back to see what I’m doing. It’s either trust, which I’m heavily breaking, or a desire for me to play things out in my own way.

But when it comes to grades or taking me places, man, she is really uncool. Gotta have B’s or A’s, cause C’s just aren’t good enough, and once she gets settled and starts reading, good luck getting a ride anywhere. So yea, thats when she sucks, but most other times shes pretty cool, we’re pretty close she and I. Been together since the day I was born.

Before anyone makes any cracks about it, she’s not that young.

Nope. Mine aren’t cool. My mom’s a musicteacher and my dad is … … … …

My mom is pretty cool. She doesn’t like videogames except for Super Mario Bros. 3 (Which she has played almmost every other day for the past 13 years). But she gives me a lot of freedom. I can go out in my car and stay out until like four in the morning most of the time and get no complaints, and I only got my license like two weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My dad is so c00l. He is my hero. LOLZOZL :cool: Um… Yeah, my parents are pretty cool… I guess… not… >< I can’t really think why they would be cool… or why they wouldn’t. I don’t normally pay attention to my parents. ^^ :fungah:

<img src=“”> I have the exact same personality as my mother, so we get along fine. We also have that big sister thing going. My father is a major asshole though. Bigotic, close-minded and just a plain asshole. Thank god that they’re divorced.

My mum hates games and computers and anime and everything even vaguely related. My dad does not. We like the same games, same movies, same anime . . . at the risk of sounding extremely cheesy, we’re very close friends as well as parent and daughter. I think he’s a cool dad. But that’s just my opinion >.>

My parents are pretty cool. We get along better than close.

Of course, game-wise, my parents are still struggling with the concept of anything more complex than tetris…

My mom is cool. Though, she throws her temper too much but is cool. Dunno why, but she is.

My dad, however,I don’t think he is cool. He drinks oo much and has a bad temper all the time. More selfcentered…

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
[b]My parents are pretty cool. We get along better than close.

Of course, game-wise, my parents are still struggling with the concept of anything more complex than tetris… [/b]

Tetris is complex…

And my dad sells frozen bull sperm, so no.

Depends on what you would consider cool I guess, my dad is kind of an ex-hippie. He surfs, listens to Grateful Dead, and wears tye-dye shirts; then on the other hand he works, is married, and has kids whose names he knows (so he’s not quite an ex-hippy). He plays video games occasionally, I remember him beating Ultima: Exodus when I was a kid, and he plays all the HoMM games a lot. I’d say the coolest thing about him is that he teaches advanced cooking classes so makes great meals when he feels so inclined.

My parents are pretty cool.

My father can get annoying… and often, but he’s someone I’d listen to. He is very wise… and I’m learning new things about him everyday. (For YEARS I thoguht he was this stuckup, straight gay. Now it’s like… whoa.) But anyways…

Personalitywise (not to mention appearace), I’m most like my mother. (She’s been mistaken for me once… by her one of closest friends.) She RPs (sometimes) Vampire, is an author (all she needs to do is find an agent.) and shes trying to design her own Neopets-style game. Problem is she spends most of her home time on the comp.

my father used to play RPGs with me, but hasn’t forever… we don’t do anything anymore together…

me and my uncle though… we’ll play RPGs together if we find one… my uncle is real cool… but my parents, no.

My dad rocks. He gives me swords and weapons, we do like to play Q3 togther.

My mother hates computers. My father is a Civilization II maniac.
And they’re definitely NOT cool, and I hardly trust them these days.

I’m not quite sure what to say about mine, they keep getting stranger and stranger. Casualties of divorce, I suppose! I do love 'em though, cool or uncool.

My mother is one of the best people I know. She doesn’t neccesarily play RPGs or stuff, but she has a keen mind like me, and is always willing to throw in some quip or retort that is just priceless. In all honesty, feel like some of our discussions have been scripted beforehand, our jokes and prompts are so flawless.

My father… to be honest, I’ve hated him for about three years. It’s silly, I know, but I just cannot respect that man. He isn’t abusive or neglectful, but still…