Hopefully new info concerning FFVII: Advent Children

Well I found some new info on the whole FFVII movie thing if anyone is interested go here


And that’s all really :slight_smile:

Nice site, I’ve seen it before, but still nice and on another note: TRAILERS W00t!

::Shoots website::

Not another plague story :thud:

So? Who cares? I’d say it’s a good thing, you can always count on SE to be unexpected.

Bah, it’s just some crappy fansite. Maybe his information source might be interesting, but after reading that I wanted to hit him for all of his stupid speculation.

Sephiroth looks like a woman in that fire.

Quiet you :stuck_out_tongue: Sephy owns all your bitch asses :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Evangelion
Sephiroth looks like a woman in that fire.

Sephiroth looks like a woman in AC screenshots period.

Originally posted by Dark Paladin
Sephiroth looks like a woman in AC screenshots period.

Good im glad im not the only one who thought that.

I just watched the trailor, I can’t find any screenshots on that page. It just seemed to be focused on the metallic haired dude.

Final Fantasy VII: -Advent Children- cannot be directly elaborated. Not even Square-Enix is able to completely explain what it is, since it is not a videogame, nor is it a movie.

It’s a movie, you jackass.

Whether or not any of the other old main characters such as Barret and Aeris will show up anywhere in the DVD is unknown to the general public

Why would Aeris be in it? Sephiroth had god-like status, so that’s a partial excuse for him to come back. Aeris acheived no such strength.

It takes place after a disease known as ‘Star Scar Syndrome’ wipes out nearly the entire human race, leaving Cloud in a lonely, desolate wasteland

Worst. Plot. Idea. Ever.

- Where does the story of -Advent Children- take place?
On the same Planet Final Fantasy VII occurs


- Where is the Tokyo Game Show?
In Tokyo

You should have shot whoever asked you this.

- Why was -Advent Children- created?
Due to the sheer popularity of Final Fantasy VII, of course

AKA: Fanboyism

- Why is Sephiroth alive in this story?
We do not know, frankly. Perhaps he is merely a flashback

If you actually looked at the screenshots you posted on your own website, you should have been able to tell they’re not flashbacks.

Star Scar Syndrome

That’s a horrible name for a plague.

Ah well some people are really excited over this so speculation is all that drives them to wait I guess. He sounds like another fanboy.

That mystery man is… SEPHIROTH’S BROTHER!!!
Which must mean he’s Cloud’s neice, making Sephiroth Cloud’s father!

This Spoiler brought to you by FFVII: Advent Hillbillies.

Bah. Who cares, I want to see this simply because I liked FF7.

Me too, I just want to see if it is actually legendary or just a bastardization of the storyline. It said on the site I believe that the Lifestream will open up and claim various lives (in different words mind you, I was only skimming through so I may be wrong) and if that is the case how much you want to bet that’s how they get rid of unecessary main characters from the game?

I just hope it doesn’t end lamely, like Cloud finding out he was the only one hit with that plague (then it’s not really a plague, now is it?) and spent the entire movie on the border between Life and the LifeStream.
Or Meteor hits earth.

One thing I do know for sure is that they can’t touch Red XIII.
That would create a plothole. :ah-ha!:

That’s a point. But remember this is Square-Enix, they can do anything, no matter how unexpected; we’ve seen it before :hahaha;

the website doesnt work

You’re not missing much. We’ve already said basically anything that was actual information from that site.

After seeing the trailer, I have come to the followings. I’m dissapointed with what i saw.Seperioth looks like a drag queen.
And Tid…errr…Cloud looks like a cross between a young Meg Ryan/Mealine Griffith.:noway: