Hoooly shit:


Wow. I can’t believe it. My girlfriend sent an e-mail to Matt from X-Entertainment, and he immediately responded in his blog. It’s hard to imagine that I’m going to have to worship her even more, now. o_o


Wow, she even refered to you in the email. You should feel privialged to be noticed on the internet.

A little bit about how I feel about Christmas: Anyway, I sympathize wiht your girlfriend a great deal. I hated Christmas ever since I turned eight and my dad told me that I should feel guilty about getting presents and not giving anything in return. After that Christmas lost all the magic or whatever. My family never has a good Christmas. There are usually fights and what not my Dad is usually very anti-social. This year my cousin isn’t going to be there because she’s in rehab, (recovering from a pill addiction). Yeah so that’s my shitty Christmas.

Man. That e-mail started making me not like Christmas. Especially because I can’t think of anything to get for it besides money… Ah well.

Yeah, I felt pretty special being recognized like that. Considering I didn’t have any inkling Matt would do something like that. I honestly just sat down, wrote the LiveJournal entry and thought…I should send this to Matt so he knows that people appreciate him. And wham, I get a whole blog entry.

I’m just glad that I made him feel good. He works hard bringing all of us that site, and he needs to know that we fellow nostalgia whores love him for it. And I guess that’s what Christmas is really all about…making other people feel good. insert cheesy music here

(Oh, and for those of you like me who hate grammatical errors…yes, I realize I said “nonsecular” when I meant “secular” in the first paragraph of that thing. I was going to word the sentence a different way so that nonsecular would work, but I changed it and didn’t change the word. Narf. I didn’t realize it till after I sent the email, and I certainly didn’t know it was going to be immortalized forever on the Internet. Oops.)

Fuck, you’re his girlfriend? I thought you were his sister. O_o

His sister is Rightly Wrong, if memory serves.

I’m his girlfriend AND his sister.

Or not.

GG Crono was right. I’m his girlfriend, RightlyWrong is his sister.

“Fuck Christ?” Tactiful way of putting it.

Who the fuck is Matt? And why do I care?

He’s the one guy, you know!


  • Yes please, I’ll have some.

What about his mom? What is her user’s name?

I didn’t know Mystique was Rount- I mean, Angsty Guy’s girlfriend. Hey Mist! As you probably know, I referenced you in Ken’s part of my Xmas story. I couldn’t actually use you, however, as I know nothing about you. If you would like to appear besides your BF in the story, there’s still time! Just post the info I ask for in my XMAS JOIN THREAD. It’s not strictly necessary, but it would be a nice touch!

I’m nothing if not tactful.


Well, CHRISTmas is and isn’t about Christ. Generally, what it’s about nowadays is capitalism. Originally, the church tacked on the celebration of Jesus’ birth to already existing pagan celebrations. And of course it’s not REALLY Jesus’ birthday, but that doesn’t people can’t celebrate his birth on a given day. But most people just latch onto the Santa Claus/Presents/Capitalist side of Christmas, where Jesus is thrown out of the loop completely. Anyway…

That was really, really angsty (if a bit sychophantical toward the end (but then again, maybe I’m just overly cynical)), but I guess that comes with the territory. I’m glad a website makes you feel so great.

But why doesn’t RPGC make you feel that way? =(

'cause the ho’s ain’t fine, man. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s only one reason I worship the Lord.


“We gotta get them when they’re young.”
“You mean like the cigarette companies?”
“God no, I wish we had their numbers.”

Does anyone know how vital a commercial Christmas is to this economy? I’ve heard numerous statistics, some of which conflict, but I was under the impression that a good many businesses would not make a profit without the Christmas season. Sure it’s kinda sad to see what should be a spiritual holiday become more about gifts and Rudolph, but you can celebrate it any damn way you like. Me buying a videogame for my brother doesn’t make your holiday any less holy.