Homework over vacation

So, who thinks this makes sense? (I’m talking about spring break, and having stuff due the day we get back.) Not trying to pass judgement or anything, I’d just like to hear opinions from third parties.

I think it’s a vein attempt by teachers to mask their lack luster teaching by cramming more material down students throats in an attempt to make sure they fulfill their curriculum. This is, of course, a by product of the “Teacher Accountability” concept.

Be glad you have one.

I think that it’s absolutely acceptable to have work over spring break, especially studywork. Maybe you shouldn’t have a test on the day right after or a huge term paper or anything like that, but I think that it is quite reasonable for a professor/teacher to expect a student to learn.

However, Sorcerer is also correct. Many professors do use the break to make up for shitty teaching by forcing students to do an abundance of work over the break. A ten page paper, some reading, or research isn’t really that much of a burden, though (in my opinion).

I had an exam on the Monday after Spring Break, two days ago.

I don’t think break work is unreasonable. Does anyone actually need <i>all nine days</i> for continuous pleasure-seeking? Surely at least one day is available for more mundane things like reading and writing. Myself, I prefer when teachers list all their assignments on the syllabus, so I can take care of inconveniently timed work in advance.

Doesn’t homework defeat the purpose of vacation?


Spring breaks are not vacations. They are times to catch up with your studies while not having to worry about something getting assigned the next day.

They give you homework to keep you mind sharp on the things during break, so that when you return to class you are refreshed and ready to resume learning.

snerk Right. I have yet to see a class that wasn’t braindead on the first day after break. Partying or no. >_>

I never thought it was unreasonable for work to be assigned during spring break, but it is inconvenient. I do use the nine whole days in general. To catch up on much needed rest and relaxation.
Now it seems that making work due the day after spring break is annoying for me in particular. I don’t get back to campus until the following day(due to plane flight schedules), so I need to have all the things due that day done the Friday before Spring break.

It’s supposed to be our time off, not school away from school.

Not only do I not think it’s unreasonable, I’m assigning it.

As long as it keeps you damn kids off the internet.

Originally Posted by Xwing1056
Does anyone actually need all nine days for continuous pleasure-seeking?

I didn’t even get nine days to seek continusous pleasure for my most recent Christmas Break due to the fact that I had to study for a Calculus Exam which I had to take on the day after.

So you got seven :frowning:

Mmm, pleasure seeking.

No spring break here.

You guys get nine days? I only get 5 for reading week and i had an exam when i got back.

RPT’s post made me giggle, heh.

So, yeah. I’m just … thinking of people who treat it as a vacation and have a “screw college, I’m on BREAK!” attitude in general.

When I say nine days, I mean Monday through Friday plus the adjoining weekends. I just don’t get why, until midnight on that last Sunday, people need to be partying or lazing around or tanning or whatever. I don’t see schoolwork as <i>that</i> much of a chore that it would ruin my break.

On the other hand, it is irritating when teachers treat break as “days of class we had to miss” and give homework as though to make up for them. E.g. “Since we can’t have class this week, write essays on the topics we would have covered!”

You are all that I strive to be. Actually, I’m thinking (after I take my year off) that I’m going to attempt a MFA in Fiction, which would make me eligible to be a creative writing professor (very, very few people ever get a PHD in creative writing). I know that I’d be a hard case.

Dude, having hw over breaks dates back to high_school. Get over it.

If you think you have it bad, I once had nearly 50% over the unit limit in terms of classes, I had a job, I TA’d for my university, did 15-20 hours of research per week, left for my break and when I came back I had to write a report on 1 year’s worth of research, prepare 2 presentations on said research, do my MCAT and set up for my new students and my new class while trying to deal with a pining GF. And medical volunteer work.

As they say so eloquently in wow, qq.

The american school system is far too gentle on its poor fragile populace and if anything was right about what sorc said is that they have a shitty way of trying to compensate for incompetent teaching and imo, they should make kids adjust by taking more classes and more rigorous classes.