Holy shit three years.

Where does the time go?

HEIL RPGC. :toast:

Counting the chat, since I was 14.
That’s some 5 odd years.

Happy anniversary, Pierson.

Lesse, I got on the Ezboard(?) in December 2001… still a few months to go.

I dunno how long I’ve been around, it’s been since middle school, so I know it’s more then six years and less then nine. I’m guessing somewhere around seven years, that’s a pretty long time in terms of my current age.

Same here. I think I got on here on the miva boards sometime around 12. I’m 19 now, soo… 7 years around my birthday (which was 2 months ago).

Bah, and I thought I’d been around a while. If you count the chat, probably a little less than Steve. Sorry to anyone I’ve managed to annoy in the 4-5 years I’ve been here. :slight_smile: I probably should have regged on the boards earlier, rather than lurking.

Oh yeah, happy anniversary Pie.

Yay :smiley:

(…I feel like a n00b. >.> )

How long have I been here? I miss Kor, and Vorpy, and Gamer. :frowning:

I miss the chat

Happy aniversary, you damn dirty limey! Now let’s go and bugger off for some tea and crumpets. :toast:


8 years this December. Staff for 8 years January 2007.

I’ll be coming up on three years in September.

I’ve been here for much, much too long.


Happy day 'n stuff. I’m not exactly when I joined, I am pretty sure I’m slightly older than you, but probably only by a few months.

I remember when Pierson was still a little Pyreson with Booken!

I forgot, myself.

Eight or Nine years for me. Or was it closer to Ten? No, probably not THAT long ago… I forget exactly when I came here exactly looking for that fabeled solution to the FF5 Hiryuu Mountain Puzzle (god that drove me nuts, yet now it’s so simple), like so many others.

Time flies, eh?

Wow, this is like an RPGC allstar thread.

PS: Spoony, you shuld put me in OL! YEAAAAAAAAAAH!

I don’t know myself…3 years or something .