Holy plucking hell.

I’ll just let you figure this one out for yourself. Much more enjoyment in that…

I have to beg if this is legal or not, though…

“You broke my plucking instrument”


…sweet monkey jeebus…

muffled laugh


First of all I’m not one to ridicule (British) accents.

Secondly, That was awful.

Third, I can’t believe I even posted here.

Uhhhhhhhhh… are you sure that’s a real children’s show? Or a parody of one? O.o

I think its british

That was too much… but it was funny.

Kinda reminds me how one guy in the Fellowship of the Ring movie (Brett Mackenzie’s character, commonly known as Figwit for various insane reasons), in the whole argument in the Council of Elrond scene, was saying the Elvish translation, “Pluck you! Pluck you all!”

That’s impressive. The site’s not legal to link to though.

What was it?

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> http://www.funny.co.uk/stuff/art_53-1664-Rainbow-The-Innuendo-Script.html

That place doesn’t have various porn links.

Oh god, Rainbow :mwahaha: Yep, this was a real show alright, I don’t remember this particular show though- funny, as it’d have caused more of an outrage than the so-called Captain Pugwash innuendo :mwahaha:

edit: I now know why it doesn’t ring a bell. It had Rod, Jane and Roger in it and I grew up with Rod, Jane and Freddy :get it?:

I also, used to watch Rainbow.

But that seriously is a digusting episode, even if it wasn’t meant to be.

Somehow, I REFUSE to belive that that wasn’t all intentional.

I’ve never heard of that show before, but man that was freaking funny!!:hahaha;

I’ve read this somewhere before, I think. I used to watch Rainbow avidly as a kid, but I don’t remember ever seeing this one. There’s no way it ever got aired o_O;;

EDIT: Oh, good lord, there’s a link to a video clip. My childhood innocence is lost! [/melodrama]

Someone obviously needs to start reading the scripts they write.

Yes well it’s fairly obvious someone made it sound like that. I’m sure that flew over most kids heads <–(bad pun I guess) however.

Originally posted by Sinistral
That’s impressive. The site’s not legal to link to though.

Guess I was a little busy laughing to notice anything obscure. My apologies.

Sweet zombie Jesus, that has nearly more innuendo than even I can handle!