Hockey Thread

I’m so proud of the Canucks. Last night’s game is what hockey should be about. I really feel like actually starting to follow hockey again, even though it’s stupidly obvious that Colorado’s already won the cup this year, which (3 stacked teams and 25 shitty teams) is why I quit watching it in the first place.

My only problem is the illegal high-sticking goal by the Flames last night. Vancouver should’ve won at the end of third. It shouldn’t have come to triple overtime. Hell, it shouldn’t have come to that after leading by 4 either way :stuck_out_tongue:

That goal was inconclusive as to whether or not it was a high stick. The ref made the right call on that one.

And go Canadian teams (except Toronto, which can bite me). I know that logically, we have no chance (especially my choke artist home team), but I’d love to see Montreal or Vancouver hoist the Cup this year.

I’d say either Detroit or Colorado, but I haven’t really been following the series to closely. I get the feeling it’s going to come down between those two this year.

While Colorado is certainly a good team on defense, their offense could be found lacking later on (especially the way Selanne played during the season) and they don’t have a proven playoff goaltender, really. Aebischer is a good goaltender, but I don’t think he has the experience to take the team far enough. I actually think San Jose has a good shot at taking the West this season. They’ve quietly put together a 100-point season and 2nd seed in the West. I think whoever plays them will underestimate them.

That said, Vancouver vs. Calgary has been the best first-round series, hands down. Go Calgary!

montreal better burn tomorrow night.

I dunno Merl. The Habs have been playing better and better as the series went on. Theodore would have to play a phenomenal game, but anything is possible.

Hockey is horrible.

Man, i love hockey, but ive never really watched it much. Go San Jose!

Hockey is probably the only sport I can watch.

That being said, I hope the Canadians at least beat Boston, even if they don’t get any further. They’re the only team I go for.

GODDAMMIT, stop talking about hockey. I’m still bitter that my Oilers didn’t make the bloody playoffs. I mean, Nashville being in contention is funny, but when they start interfering with our playoff run, then they can burn in hell.

Go Flames. Those Vancouver sons-of-bitches were the team that got us kicked out. And it’s going to be Tampa Bay and Calgary in the finals.

poor Edmonton. I was pulling for you guys, but they sort of just ran out of games at the end of the season.

Nashville put up a pretty good fight though against Detroit.

If you don’t like Hockey don’t post, you’re wasting your time and ours by posting in a hockey thread.

And as for YOU it ain’t the fault of the Canucks that the Oilers didn’t make it. The Oilers are the worst Hockey team in the country. We were garaunteed a place a while back, we’re the North Western Division champs, go blame some crappy team like the Flames. :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch the goalies…

ANYBODY with a good enough goalie who hits a hot streak at the right time can go all the way.

I certainly don’t see how ANYBODY could call the 'Lanche a lock (or anyone else, for that matter). Sure, they’re loaded with “big name” talent, but so is Detroit.

And so WAS St. Louis. WINK WINK.

I think it’s going to be very interesting and exciting to watch unfold this year.

Do shut up. I didn’t make this thread to hear my team be insulted by an Oiler fanboy. It was Edmonton’s collective suck that “got them kicked out.”

If Flames win, then so be it. They’re a great team and they deserve everything they worked for. It’d be extremely anti-climatic though.

Play nice, children.

The Oilers lost it for themselves, it was their fault they couldn’t beat the Canucks. At least have the decency to blame the Oilers for their own failure (even as a Canucks fan, I can point out why they aren’t winning when they aren’t, rather than blaming it on the other team. Then again, maybe the other team is winning because they’re playing better?)

more importantly than one game against Vancouver is that for most of the season Edmonton played below their ability, even though they don’t have the deepest of rosters. Their record until the All-Star break was abysmal. I suspect the play of Salo had a lot to do with that; but Edmonton took too long to make any changes to their lineup.

Senators forced game 7.

Sorry, but how long has it been since the Flames made the playoffs? At least Edmonton has been consistent throughout the past few years. The Canucks were occupying the cellar for some time as well.

You guys can diss the Oilers first two-thirds of the season all you want, hell, I’ll even join in, but the stretch run was great, the Nedved and Markkanen pick-ups were awesome (the Rangers paid Nedved’s salary) and Comrie and Salo are gone.
Seriously, Salo is going to break a hip in his next few games.

What are you talking about? I could be mistaken, but did they not nearly take the cup a few years back?

I don’t think they Flames have made it past the play offs first round or into the play offs all that much for 15 years. Or at least thats what the announcers kept screaming.