Hi's! :)

Er… “Steve” made me do this. So if you don’t like me, complain to him :).

more pics plz

erm… No?

Oh man.
They already hate me enough around here :stuck_out_tongue:

You look kind of like that girl from that disney pirate movie, only prettier!

Kiera Nightly? Are you blind? I definetly have not heard that one before…

Can we call you Steve for short?

I still say a hint of shania twain.

Actually I was talking to your friend there.

Friend? Wait… what?? And you can call me Jenna for short.

I think you called her steve…

Jenna! What’s up! I never thought I’d see you or your foot licking pic again!

You should hang around more - I demand it.

Oh you son of a bitch, charl :stuck_out_tongue:
If you weren’t such a hotty, i’d strangle you with uh… probably something. Bastard.

Tee hee! :3

Green Mage… that sounds so familiar… from Steve’s other thing that went down the drain, right? (no offense)

nah. It went down in flames like a motherfucker.
I admit it. My forums DIED :stuck_out_tongue:

You should really take out the ‘Steve’s friend’ from your nickname, or else you’re doomed to a career of shame, agony, triste, and other such stuff. But I mean, hey. It’s your life. :stuck_out_tongue: Try something similar, but completely random, like “Jamie’s Lovechild Jenna” or something.

Yeah that’s me. But you should hang around here now - there’s a chronic lackage of cute girls… you wouldn’t happen to know any would you?

Not just triste, but THE triste!

(I thought that said “career of anime” at first.)

Haha… damn flirt… and about the name thing, steve is quite the douche, is he not?