Hironobu Sakaguchi left Squaresoft?

When the hell did this happen? He pretty much made the studio. Does that mean he’s lost possession of Final Fantasy? That’ pretty bizarre.

So how many squaresoft employees have left thusfar?

Well there was the whole monolith soft team (Xenogears/saga), him, and Nobuo Uematsu, as far as I know.

There’s a whole other development team in Japan made up entirely of former Square talent, but I forgot the name (it was Brown something, I think…)

Do they have ANYONE left from the Square Golden Age?

Well, Uematsu is staying on as a freelancer, so he’ll be doing things. So is Amano, I believe. I’m pretty sure a lot of the behind-the-scenes folks like Ken Narita (head programmer) are still in there. And depending on when you think “the golden age” was, you can include Tetsuya Nomura too.

I’m still feeling the loss of the Monolith guys and Masato Katou.

Didn’t Sakaguchi have a company of his own? Mist Walker or something?

I am not sure if it was posted already, but here is a short list of SE “refugees”:

In the last few years, there had been more resignations by big names working at the world’s leading RPG creator. Uematsu follows the footsteps of Shinichi Kameoka (Seiken Densetsu), Yasunori Mitsuda (composer), Masato Katou (Chrono series), Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy) and recently Kazushige Nojima (Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, X-2 and Kingdom Hearts series).


Edit: as for Uematsu, Cid is right:

It certainly shouldn’t mean the end of Uematsu music in future installments of the Final Fantasy series. Musicians never truly quit.

Does anyone know if Kenichiro Fukui still works for Square? Or for that matter, anything about him other than his name? I’m interested.

He was still there in 2003.

Final Fantasy: The Black Mages
Original Composition: Nobuo Uematsu
Arrangement Composition: Nobuo Uematsu, Tsuyoshi Sekito and Kenichiro Fukui


Some of his work for SE

Tsuyoshi Sekito, Kenichiro Fukui - Battle Scene (Final Fantasy I) (4:19)
Tsuyoshi Sekito, Kenichiro Fukui - Battle Theme (Final Fantasy VI) (3:21)
Tsuyoshi Sekito, Kenichiro Fukui - Battle, Scene II (Final Fantasy II) (3:52)
Tsuyoshi Sekito, Kenichiro Fukui - Clash on the Big Bridge (Final Fantasy V) (4:16)
Tsuyoshi Sekito, Kenichiro Fukui - Dancing Mad (Final Fantasy VI) (12:04)
Tsuyoshi Sekito, Kenichiro Fukui - Fight With Seymour (Final Fantasy X) (5:05)
Tsuyoshi Sekito, Kenichiro Fukui - Force Your Way (Final Fantasy VIII) (3:51)
Tsuyoshi Sekito, Kenichiro Fukui - J-E-N-O-V-A (Final Fantasy VII) (6:08)
Tsuyoshi Sekito, Kenichiro Fukui - The Decisive Battle (Final Fantasy VI) (4:02)
Tsuyoshi Sekito, Kenichiro Fukui - Those Who Fight Further (Final Fantasy VII)


Dammit! What the hell is with all these people leaving Square!? I remember always seeing Hironobu’s name in the credits and loving him for making such magnificent games. Who the hell will replace him?

These guys have been producing as well as Sakaguchi: Yoshinori Kitase(FFX, FFX-2), Yuji Horii(Dragon Quest 1~8), Yasumi Matsuno(Ogre Battle Series, FF Tactics and Advance, Vagrant Story and FFXII), Yoshiharu Gotanda(Star Ocean Series, Valkyrie Profile, Radiata Stories), Toshiro Tsuchida(Front Mission Series), Akitoshi Kawazu(SaGa Series, Racing Lagoon) and Takashi Tokita(Live-A-Live, Hanjuku Hero Series, The Bouncer, etc…). Square-Enix has become much larger since the fusion.

From what I see, the number of Squaresoft people leaving is at the same rate as George Bush’s cabinet…

Well, I thought it was funny…

Who is Hironobu Sakaguchi?

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