Hip Hop Discussion

I don’t know how many of you listen to hip hop, probably not many, but I hope there are enough to get a decent discussion going. Please, no haters. I don’t want to see posts like, “Rap suxxorz, lol. Emo rules.” If you don’t like rap/hip hip, fine, just don’t post here… you fucking racist.

Feel free to talk about anything in the rap world. Who you like, who you don’t. Current feuds. Album reviews. Release dates. Live shows. Slang. Favorite producers. Whatever.

Recently, I’ve really been into MF Doom, aka King Geedorah, aka Victor Vaughn, aka Metal Fingers, aka Madvillain. Real name Daniel Dumile. He’s the guy in my avatar. He’s a producer/rapper that is mostly unknown. You might have heard him on November Has Come on the latest Gorillaz album Demon Days. He’s also on a track off the new Wu Tang album Think Differently Music.

I really like his flow. It is very unique. He doesn’t sound like anyone else. The beats he makes are really good too.

He recently put out an Adult Swim themed album with DJ Danger Mouse called Danger Doom. Check that out if you’re craving some Doom. He’s also got a series of instrumental cds that are really good called Metal Fingers Presents: Special Herbs. If you like listening to instrumental stuff, you should definitely check those out.

So, anyone else like (heard of) MF Doom?

I"m a pretty big fan of MF Doom, especially the track you mentioned that’s on Demon Days. Not the best, but I do like him.

Other than that I’m hit or miss. Just depends on it.

as an aside… a few songs by MSI could be considered hip hop… I guess :x
I’d need a second opinion on that, but I’m not sure what to call them. Anyone have an opinion on this? I know mindless self indulgence is far from traditional hiphop, and more of a punk/techno/whatever, but a few of their songs are distinctly different.

I’ve never heard any MSI before. If you give me the titles of a couple tracks that you think are hip hop, I’ll give them a listen and let you know what I think.

Three Six Mafia is pretty good. You should check them out. They’re really the only thing in american hip-hop/rap/whatever that i enjoy these days.

Hmm, well they did a cover of bring the pain, but that’s obvious…
Well, check these out, and if you can’t find them, gimme a ring on AIM (RPGCSteve):
Golden I

If I think of anymore, I’ll let you know.

Yeah. I like the Three 6 Mafia. Sorc recommmended them to me a while back.

Southern rap is really huge right now. Texas especially. Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, all those guys are from the dirty south.

There is this one song that you all need to hear. It is called I Don’t Like The Look of It by a group called Da Back Wudz. They used one of the Oompa Loompa songs from Willy Wonka to make the beat. It is frigging awesome.

EDIT: Steve, I’m going to have to check those out later tonight. I can’t d/l music at work.

That’s no big deal. Be prepared for the most retarded lyrics ever, though :x

Any relation to King Ghidorah?

That’s where he got the name from. One of the albums he put out under that name was Escape from Monster Island.

I saw MSI and they were awesome. Lots of creepy goth kids were there though.

Answer me one question, did Jimmy drink his piss and then make out with half the crowd?

No, but he said nigga a lot.

Oh jimmy you scamp.

I’d link to the jimmy + urine video on google, but it has his peepee in it :frowning:

Why does he get away with that?

He’s white, what makes him think its ok for him to do that?

Just listen to them, you will know.

I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve heard their music.

I’ll attempt an explanation.
MSI is <b>the</b> biggest joke band I’ve ever seen, but still able to keep a good, catchy tune/beat/rythm.

At the MSI show I went to, he didn’t drink his piss, but he did snort cocaine off my friend Zach’s arm.
EDIT: Zach tells me it was his back, but I say he’s a lying sunvabitch.

MSI, GWAR, and the Blue Oyster Cult are the three single greatest bands ever, because of how many people don’t understand they’re just huge jokes. Especially since they’re entire schtick is making fun of about 90% of their respective fanbases.

As for Hip-Hop, I’m into a lot of trip-hop and some political rap, along with a smattering of other hip hop.
DJ Shadow’s older work and Zack De La Rocha’s solo shit is the stuff I’ve been listening to most, recently.

How are you a racist if you don’t like rap? Or is this sarcasm?

Just a joke, man.