hillareously offensive

V8, the beverage, has these commercials, where there somone doing some meanial job or somthing, then they take a sip of V8, then they transform into a dancing african american man with dreadlocks.

Those crazy african-americans and their vegetable drinks! What will they think of next?

I like the comercials where a guy is working on some paperwork, and then he takes a break and eats a taco bell taco and transforms into a guy in a pancho and giant sombreo taking a siesta

I like that toilet paper commercial where you see the bear shitting at the base of a tree…HAHAHAHA GET IT?! DOES A BEAR SHIT IN THE WOODS?!KYAHAHA.

The worst are perhaps the feminine product ones, that or the Cialis/Viagra ones. For God’s sake, who on Earth would let themselves be advertised with such problems?

was he holding a hand full of fresh fruit?

Well, i may be out of the loop, but im PRETTY SURE every woman has a period.

I think the people who do the comercials for stool softener have the least shame in their acting career. Yeah, pretty much any comercial where the actor has to talk about bowel movements, means that that actor lost his sence of pride a long time ago

No I’m not talking periods. I’d just feel embarassed if I was placed in an ad for genital herpes, canoeing across a river or some other active crap they have on those commercials.

Ok, the whole point of acting is to ‘make money’. If you cant ‘make money’ by any other kind of comercial, stool softener is better than not eating.

Yeah, but if your an actor, and you have to make rent by doing comercials for stool softener, i don’t think your in the right buisness

This is unless a famous actor like “George Clooney” or “Don Knotts” got their start doing ads for poop medicine, then i’ll take back my comment

Ok I cant believe this shit. I need to know good brand names to shove into my panties when it’s rag time. How should I know? TV pad commercials! They’re ridiculous, they’re fun, they’re overdone! I mean ooh new crinkle proof pad wrappers? Oh please, like every woman in a public bathroom doesn’t know what I’m doing when I’m unzipping my purse or school bag.

My point being they’re fun commercials! They have a hilarious happy-happist quality concept about periods that you can only find on tv. I’m not that overjoyed when I get mine. So don’t be fooled by them there advertisments, laddies.

ummmmm, well I dont know much about that… but i’m willing to learn

Well now you know sweetypie. I can always count on you for insanely fun threads huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

EDIT: Yes I give all out period talks to any willing to listen boy. They need to be educated whip cracks

then get on aim.

At once, sire.

I hear PMS stuff a lot.

What about a comercial for guns, where no one gets killed? hahahahaha

That’s actually a pretty funny concept.

I watch almost no television, so I see little of all this silliness. Thank goodness.