Heya. I figured I’d join the MB since I’m making the Shining Force shrine. So… hi. BTW, don’t ask about the name.

Hmmm… making the shining force shrine, eh?

Well, then that makes my welcoming a bit less sarcastic. I’ll TRY to remove the ‘hope this one stays’ bit this time.

Welcome to the RPGClassics Agora! With luck you’ll actually stay after making an intr… dammit. I failed. Sorry, you’ll have to make do with that part.

Nah, seriosuly, welcome to the MBs :wave:

EDIT: Oh yeah, you may want to shorten that sig just a little bit. I’ve seen shorter ones get slammed.

Hello and welcome. I find your sig delightful and not too long at all.

Wow, that is a REALLY long sig. Welcome I guess. It takes up my whole screen and then some on 1024X768 resolution.




Joking, joking.
Welcome to the MB.
Also your name… it just keeps reminding me of Yu-Gi-Oh.

I LOVE Shinning Force. Your shrine will be very welcome.

Welcome to RPGC!Enjoy your stay. sings the Cheers theme

Wow, 6 people. I feel loved. Or maybe that’s my brain cells trying to work. Oh well. And yeah, I’ve already uploaded somethings for the shrine. Check it out if you’d like.

GG: lol.

Hello, I’m Strong Bad … and you don’t know it yet, but I’m da reason you’re here. Check me out! … No, seriously, check me out.

Steve, what the crap is your avatar from? I must see whatever it is!

Oh, you must, must you?

Yes, apparently.

I am Seraph, guardian of de Oracre. I wirr greet you properry, but first I must aporogize.


Hi ^^. Nice to meet you.


Welcome welcome, vote for me.

Vote communist.


pyramid_of_yamatos… does yamatos have anything to do with gundam seed?

nope, look in the sig. I decided to put how I got my name.

Welcome. Please leave your sanity at the door or give it to someone who wants out of an asylum. Also this will probably be useful. Gives pyramid_of_yamatos a large rubber mallet.

Hello and welcome. There was a clan in Japan called the Yamato, also it was the biggest most powerful battleship in the world, and even though I not sure I think it would still have that record if it wasn’t on the bottom of the ocean.

Dear pyramid_of_yamatos,

Salve! Welcome and hello!

Have you been wierded out yet? People here tend to act without any rational explanation for their behavior. You will too. Enjoy your stay.

much love,