Hi, I'm Kratos

Oops, I forgot to make one of these when I first came here ^^; Well, anyway hi, I’m Kratos. I was invited here by Kairi. Well, later

Hi, we don’t care. ^.^

In my state there is a city called Crato.

It’s a desert there.

You’re mean! You kept telling Lloyd he would get in the way, and yet he showed himself to be a skillful swordsman.

And Cala, don’t post stuff like “we don’t care”, that’s being stupid.

Welcome. If you’re a friend of Kairi’s, you can;t be ALL bad. Enjoy your stay. Mind the smell.

Thanks. Kratos is cool, he was right…at first, Lloyd did kinda get in the way (especially when I played). But I like the suprise you find out later in the game about the link between the two. It’s pretty cool.

Oh no. I was just messing around. Kinda like the people who do the kill the newb thing.

I’m still in Palmacosta so I’m pretty not far in, but I just felt bad for Lloyd since no one believed in him being able to help out on Colette’s journey, especially not Kratos. And cause he’s kinda dumb (Lloyd that is).

Well, MUCH later on you’ll find out why Kratos is like that. I beat the game (which took me a long time to do) And why Kratos does what he does.

Gah! you bastard! You betrayed Loyd, well Kinda…

anyway, welcome!

Dude, your sig is a spoiler. Not everyone played the game until that point.

And have a sugar-coated Bushin Musou Renge for your troubles.

Damnit Kratos… >_<

I am PLAYING that game and the sig was just like a punch in the EYE.

Now I’m sad…

>_> what game? Um Hello there, enjoy your stay while it lasts. I must ask you one question though : Tea and cake or death?

Tales of Symphonia

Uh now that I’m a mod (again), I guess it’s time to start posting real messages here and not just welcoming the new people telepathically so like…welcome to RPGC! Don’t worry about people, they don’t mean any real meanness. Just be like to Izlude, “hah! sucks for you!” but then try and see if you can’t like, unspoil your sig or something. You don’t have to though, it’s up to you. Have fun and be comfortable here. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome. Parade to honor you.

Welcome to RPGC. We will now begin the process of wearing away at your soul with our scathing insults and witty retorts until you’re naught but a bitter, disgruntled shell of your former self whose only form of entertainment is to join in the process of wearing away at the souls of other new members. C’mon, it’ll be fun!

Bah! Zelos owns Kratos! He knows his way around the ladies :mwahaha: !

Anyway, welcome. I need your sanity. Give. Now.

Welcome to [STRIKE]your doom[/STRIKE] RPGC.
Enjoy your stay.

Dear Kratos,

Salve! Welcome and hello!
I used up all my creativity and intelligence already today, so I have absolutely nothing interesting to say to you. Good day, and have fun.

much love,