Hi, I'm Kratos

:toast: A toast to Kratos.


Kratos seems to be rather sexy, therefore, welcome!

Not everyone gets a shibby-Eden welcome you know.

And we are all mean! ROAR! GRRR! ARRGGGGG >EEE zombie motions Anyone who says we aren’t a bunch of mean, cruel, malicious, and deceitfully dastardly people ever ejected back up from the fiery bowels of hell is obviously lieing. ^^ Which would just prove what I said even more, so bravo to any lieing snakes out there. XP




Hi and welcome to the RPGC.


Welcome to RPGC. They will love you. Lots.

Yes I’m already half way there but I might as well welcome you Hello

Greets, man.

Thanks for the welcome everyone. Yeah, I’ll change my sig, it is kind of a spoiler ^^;

DO NOT LOOK AT THIS UNLESS YOU’VE BEATEN THE GAME OTHERWISE YOU’LL RUIN IT!!! Kratos is Lloyd’s dad and Kratos didn’t really betray Lloyd because he leaks info to the group. He just sides with Yggdrasill because Yggdrasill is Mithos from 4,000 years ago. Kratos, Yuan, Martel, and Yggdrassil (Mithos) stopped the Kharlan War. How they’re all alive still and over 4,000 years old is explained later, if you pay attention. So that’s why Kratos “betrays” he plays both sides…sort of.