Hi everybody! I'm New!

Hello~ :enguard:

Me too. And I know what I’m talking about!

oh, PLEASE! There’s been several worse Sprite Theaters done. Namely with some people who only use the Forum Smilie Sprites.

Well I didn’t spend much time on it. I ripped it from a sprite sheet. It would have been better if I had Photoshop.

I hope you know what song that came from and who sings it… If so, you rock.

This is my girl, she runs and kicks and says “Cannon Spike!” and “Spiral Arrow!”… Welcome!

Hello, nice to meet you ^^

You’re not into yoga then, right?

Hi, nice to meet you. FF8 was the first RPG I ever played and, because of that, I still like it. I may replay it some day.

…Heh-heh-hem. I think I’ll be the first to say that after you wade through our (lack of) sanity, and reach our true cool peoplesness, you’ll find that, we, the peoples, are a mostly good crowd. MOSTLY. Then you get idiots, spammers, cyberers, game/anime-illterate, people who think they know everything…
I’m relatively new, so I can relate to that “Holy sh*t there’s so many people with femme and sprited avatars I think I’ll just go let up my insides” feeling. You get used to the avatars after a while. Welcome.

Don’t forget the forum elites who post really short messages in an attempt to sound edgy and/or mysterious


Hey, welcome.

yes i can post. im new too, but welcome to the board

there there, come closer. Don’t mind these guys. They can’t be nice like I can… slowly gnaws on face

I’ll trade you 50 cents for a dollar.

damn 50 things for just one dollar? you got yourself a deal

Welcome, I am RPGClassics most obscure character

Hello and welcome. Parade to honor you.

sigh Well, welcome and stuff. I guess. sigh

It’s true you know. I’m already crushed beyond recognition. It’s kinda relaxing actually, like going numb before you freeze to death. Welcome, we hope you enjoy your stay with us.

No… Just No…

anyway hi welcome to the boards and all that other good stuff you just acquired like eternal damnation and more of the likes

Oh Brilliant! OS-tan, welcome thead Slumber party style! If you can’t guess I’m Big Nutter Aka That-stupid-idiot-that-gets-on-really-gets-on-my-{Beep}-{Beep}-{Beep}-{Beep}-or-so-says-Yar-Kramer!!!
ME, What are you doing with those Dr. Pepper?

Mircowaving them. Why?

Mr Russell, do you want me to serve them?

Call me Anthony, '98. Don’t tell me, in the Buff, Nut’s. Oh, I’ve Brought 2000.

Big Nutter