Hi everybody! I'm New!

Hey everybody! I’m finalfanatic and this is my first time posting on the forum.
I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Of course I’m crazy about Final Fantasy as well. I’m working on FF8 right now. can anyone give me some advice or general tips on how to find the GF Doomtrain? Also, I’m having trouble finding the rare items needed to modify weapons, namely, Squall’s and Quistis’.

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Howdy :smiley: I really liked FF8… I never got too far into it though. I always got sidetracked. x.x;; Good luck on finding the stuff, though


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To find the items necessary for Doomtrain:

  • Steel Pipes can be stolen from Wendigo enemies. They appear in the cliffs around Galbadia, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Remedy+ is made from 10 Remedy items, but you need Medicine LV Up with Alexander to be able to create them.

  • Malboro Tentacles are an all-around pain to have to obtain. Fight Malboros on the Island Closest to Heaven and just wait for Odin to show up.

As for the others, Adamantite can be obtained from BGH2F252whatever in Fisherman’s Horizon (just one though), or Mugged from high-leveled Adamantoise enemies. Pulse Ammo is made from refining Energy Crystals (either fight the Elnoyle encounter in Esthar where you speak to the traumatized guy, or refine 20 Elnoyle cards to make 2 Crystals), and Blue Fangs are dropped by Blue Dragons.

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You forgot one thing, you need to get the Solomon Ring from Tears’ Point before you can get Doomtrain. It’s probably safe to assume he has that though :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, you’re right. But I’m assuming he’s gotten that far already. It’s usually the Malboro Tentacles that cause the most grief.


Wendigo’s appear in the forests around Timber, actually.


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