ok whenever i click on the email link it comes to my fathers email client … i have a different cliend and hes the administratior of this comp and i dont hav email on my other comp. can i get the email address that i need to send it to or should i just give you my information for the shrine that i want here?

Q.Which game you want. If it’s not on the suggested list or listed in our database, tell me why you think it’s an RPG. (In other words, tell me what the gameplay is like.) Generally I’m fairly lenient about that. Also, “because you PLAY a ROLE” is a ridiculous statement which can apply to any game at all, and won’t be accepted.

A.legaia 2 beaten with ease… as a legaia series game its pretty self explanitory

Q.A password for your new FTP account. Like all passwords, pick one that’s hard to guess. 8p It can’t be less than 5 characters, or more than 14 characters.
A handle/nickname you want to be known by. You can choose your real name too, if you like. :sunglasses:

A.well i’ll send it to an email address. or pming on the forums seems appropriate also…

Q.An e-mail account that you can consistently be reached at and that you check once a week at the very least. BE SURE TO TELL ME if this address ever changes. It is your responsibility.
One of the following two statements:

A.will send with the pass as i dont want to be spammed… i check it 3 times a week frequent enough you say? … ok good n uff moving on…

Q.A statement that you will create your shrine using Mozilla Composer, subject to the instructions, rules, and tips set out here.

A.hmm ya i’m using the composer or microsoft office… hmmm ya if you want i’ll use mozilla.
dont know mush about html but just got composer from dl.com… a week ago and i may need some help

Q.A statement that you will learn to hand-code HTML yourself, and will not use any editors like FrontPage or DreamWeaver to make your shrine. HTML isn’t very hard to learn, but we can provide help with it.

A.well i dont know what you want from me but i swear on my hmmm whats valuable to me… oh my original nintendo (not worth shit but its lucky)i beat my 1st 4 final fantasy games on it)only dying once in the proscess) that i will learn to use html…

Q.A statement saying that you have constant access to a working copy of the game (either that you own it or that you can get to it easily and immediately). If you can’t play the game, you can’t answer questions about it, which is another aspect of making a shrine.

A.ya if you want a screenshot of the boz or a digital pic of me actuallly playing it… and playing it at like 3 difrent times… i guess that i can do that but it would be bothersome…

P.S. legaia 2 was hard to find for me cause i got it when it was just released.

Let me try and understand here… you want to shrine Legaia 2? Email me then at daltonofzeal@rpgclassics.com

well quite frankly yes

I would have loved to make a shrine for Gladius or another strategy RPG, but the downloads would kill my PC. Too much stuff. Working on getting another comp soon, so maybe then.

Back to the kid’s problem…they have a Legaia 2 out already?

ya have had it out for awhile… just search for screenshots in google… you shall see

Runs to nearest search engine

and theres the proff of existence… happy now?

ahhhgggghhhhhhh glare!! well took them and hosted in like 10 minutes

Woah…big pictures.

but big is ok cause its legaia 2

P.S. Dalton Please RSVP the email

I liked the first one. In fact, I really liked the first one. But the second one was way too cheesy and stupid, so no, it’s not ok. Those pictures are huge, and you’re going to internet hell.

Please tell me you’re not going to type like that when you make the shrine.

And how the fuck do you RSVP an email?

“responde sil vous plais”… just “please reply”…
I think that’s easy enough for an e-mail… as with any other form of mail… isn’t it?


maxturbo211: How old are you? Just curious.

  1. Shut up… i mean if you dont like #2 then thats ur own damn problem
    P.S. to #1 the 1st legaia was un-intentionally cheesy so its a little more ok but being cheesy isn’t bad…

  2. no

3.Ninten Explains

4.isn’t that a little personal… if u reallly want to know so bad why didn’t u look on my profile? removed

maxturbo, Sorcerer has every right to his opinion. As do you, but you shouldn’t act rudely towards him just because he doesn’t like the second Legaia. I’m certain he meant no offense towards you.

Also, proper spelling, grammar, capitalization and fairly good writing skills are things you will need if you wish to create a shrine at RPGC. I’m assuming you’ll work on these things if I grant you the right to work on the shrine, yes?

yes … most of the time when i’m writing on a forum or a chat room i type very quickly…

I am able to type quickly and still keep grammar! (avg. 75wpm)
Just a hint :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: