How’s everybody doin’?

On whatever.

I’m in Castricum, Holland, and I’m sad that I’ll be leaving here and going back to America soon. I love this society more than my own, LOL.

So, a conversation between us Cute L’il UFOs, eh? :hahaha; (But hey, I can understand the “cute,” given my avatar/sig, but UFO? And little?)

Well, I’m doing pretty good, now that my computer is online. I’ve spent the last 9 hours surfing the net. I must say, it seems like the Internet is running out of websites. I look and look, and I keep doubling back, I click one link, and I’m at a site I visited an hour ago. ::doh::

But, meh. What of you?

What kind of sites are you interested in?

Edit- Thought you were new.

So Eva how are you doing?

Well, I’m at school and I am DYING to get to a toilet, however, due to my excessive obsessive compulsiveness thingy-ness, I am currently unable to do so because toilet seats are just icky you know? I just don’t want to sit my ass down on one of those things plus the toilet paper is like sandpaper I don’t want to mar my precious skin by using that shit and I don’t like, want to get a disease, so i usually line the toilet seat with toilet PAPER but like I mentioned before, it’s all gross and harsh on my baby soft bottom and I just can’t tolerate that and another thing why are girls so anal about other people peeing I mean they turn on the taps when they get their piss on just so other people can’t listen to them, I mean duuuuh we’re ALL human and ALL mature, young women, so I think we can leave the taps off from now on, mmkay, it hurts the environment, although I really shouldn’t be talking because I flush the toilet when i tinkle just so no weirdos don’t listen to me, and then I flush again when I’m done so I guess that makes me a hypocrite, don’t it and I don’t get why other girls get so flustered when they have to open a new sanitation napkin (PADS FOR ALL YOU INEPT BOYS OUT THERE) and it CRINKLES OMG OMG OMG SOMEONE MIGHT FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU’RE DOING like, we’re all human ladies, stop being such tightwads, you make me sick it’s not like I’m zeroing in on your bathroom stall activity!

I really need to go, but I guess I’ll wait till I’ll get home.

Thank you for sharing. :thud:

Pretty good I s’pose.

Riight, going back to that question I was asked…

What kind of sites are you interested in?

Mostly anime, forums, heh, of course, RPGs, that kind of thing. But I got around. I’m not even going to TELL you about that one site. Mainly because I just randomly put that phrase in.

She asked how I was doing, so I shared, and went off on a wild tangent, KP ;_;

Wait, was that actually serious Eva? I mean, seriously serious? Wow…way to share… :cool:

No, she asked how everybody was doing. :stuck_out_tongue: You are not everbody. And the universe doesn’t orbit around you, either.

I apologize if that shatters your perception of reality.

I asked Eva how she was doing.

Heeeeey! I’m doing fine.

I am one post away from the demonic |||_||/|B0r…

I’m good. Countdown to first day of class . . . 5 days. I haven’t been to school in three years, so I am getting nervous now.

SEE! I told everyone I’d go back to college! You can do it!

Yeah, but you changed it! When I posted that, you hadn’t asked. So there. :bleah: