Hey the world cup is starting today, where is hades vuvuzhela

It wouldn’t be the world cup without Hades giving his totally unbiased and rational opinion about all things soccer related. Please Hades, tell us all what you think about soccer and the worldcup.

I predict spotless refereeing that won’t be biased towards Brazil at all, no sir.

Is there an octopus?

My team in Nintendo Pocket Football Club would’ve won had it been allowed to take part in the World Cup.

Unfortunately, it seems like Vuvuzhelas have been banned from this year’s World Cup.

Poor Hades can’t play in any [STRIKE]Reindeer[/STRIKE] Football Games.

Well ain’t you a fucking psychic.

I’m shocked the Internet hasn’t conjured three dozen “football-soothsayer animal” gimmicks already. Every other vaguely memetic thing usually gets beaten to death at the earliest opportunity.

You guys are all shitass dicklords for finding this conversation more intriguing than “SG ate a sandwich”.


I predict that people will start believing in a psychic toaster that toasts toast in such a way that if you squint really hard under very particular lighting conditions during a full moon on every Friday the 13th you will be able to see the flag of the winning team.

Of course, any misprepared toast will become part of SG’s next sandwich.

About time for a Hades callout thread.

I love that when, the most important threads are made, everyone comes back to witness it. You SA-DLs.

SADLS! Copyright claimed.

Camel apparently.

Well, that was mediocre and kinda boring. Now I’m worried about how we’ll do against real teams.

Nice Title/Post combo.

Probably lose if you could barely beat Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Here are some choice Hades quotes from the last world cup thread, in case you forgot.

But goddamn, you need to smarten the fuck up and see things for what they are before you go limping your troll ass into topics you’re not prepared to discuss to any degree of intelligence or civility. The funny and ironic thing is that the “pain” I’ve caused you with my perceived “stupidity” is the result of your own obscene bigotry and frantic need to disagree with me about something you only have a passing interest in and have done absolutely no research or observation for. But go ahead, keep thinking you’re a magnificent analyst and I’m a retard. I’ve been here too long to expect anyone to concede anything when it’s so much easier to just sweep the mountains of evidence under the rug :slight_smile:

Arguing that Greece is an awesome football team. they sucked in 2010, and they’re looking to suck even bigger in 2014.

Man, I know 984 does this for jokes, but it’s irritating and doesn’t belong in a WC thread. USA is irrelevant and you’d have to be a goddamn lunatic to think they’re going to ride this team past the second round. Even the first is outrageously ambitious, but I’m willing to entertain the possibility of a miracle if they happen to be seeded against the second-weakest team there. And no, they are not a better team than Slovenia. Let’s get real.

Actually…the US did make it out of the first round in first place in their division…also Slovenia didn’t even qualify this year.

And this…this quote was probably peak RPGC Hades:

BTW if you want to talk about Education, you should probably be made aware that people who go to law school are generally looked upon as stupider than people who don’t.

I still orgasm a bit in my pants thinking about that choice, delectable quote.


So I just sent an email to Hades through RPGC telling him to get his ass back here and post in this here thread. Who knows if he actually still checks that email though. If any of you dork ass losers have him on Facebook then you know what to do.

I had forgotten Hades used to make such glorious statements. That’s amazing.

The funny part about that first quote is that he was calling Ez a bigot for talking about Greece playing anti-football. And he thought that was some kind of racist term. When it really just describes an incredibly ugly, bunker defense style of play - literally the exact opposite of the beautiful game.

Remember this?