Hey... that looks like...?!

Has anyone noticed how much Gackt looks like Tidus? Or mabye Squall. Or both. I hadn’t even heard of this guy until a week ago, then I saw some pics of him. Does Square do modeling jobs? I had always thought they made original characters but after seeing this, I’m not so sure anymore.

Squall. Someone posted a bunch of lookalike pics awhile back. Gackt is icky,

Cid is Robin Williams.




<img src=“http://www.mahamari.com/story/gfx/la_squackt01.jpg”></img>
Squall/Gackt (Squackt)

<img src=“http://www.mahamari.com/story/gfx/la_squackt02.jpg”></img>
Squackt again.

Look at him, he’s made out of rubber. I admit, that first pic of him on the left on the top is HOTT but the other pics are so…so…gross. He needs to eat a sandwich. His hair will fall out too, if he keeps dying it.

I still can’t find a masculine picture of him with his shirt on.

He’s no David Bowie thats for sure. That man could pull of androgony.

Find a pic with his shirt off. Maybe then I’ll change my mind. But it might take a lot of pictures, if you know what I mean.

Hah… lemme show you feminine…
<img src=“http://mesapollons.free.fr/Images/efgh/Gackt/g3.jpg”>
Edit: <a href=“http://mesapollons.free.fr/Images/efgh/Gackt/g1.jpg”>Here yee be, Eva.</a>

Wow, that’s supposed to be a guy?

But yeah, the resemblance is incredible, clothing and all. I wonder if Square really ripped off his image.

Wow, I’d so tap that.

I stand corrected.

President Deling looks like Dubya.

Eva only thinks he’s ugly because she’s a woman.

But trilly and nessa like him >>;

<3 Eva.

Gackt looks like he is computer generated, and on that note, he does even look human.

Speaking of computer generated, anyone remember that one japanese pop star that WAS actualy compleatly computer generated?

I think that Gackt (whose early stuff in Malice Mizer is fucking awesome) is kinda attractive, but I really don’t get why so many of you worship him. He isn’t any more androgynous than David Bowie. At least he isn’t as bad as Marilyn Manson is at androgyny, though (although I like some of his music).

He does, indeed, have an uncanny resemblence to Squall though.

I don’t really worship him, I just like flipping out at people :slight_smile:
But he does have a beautiful guitar >>;

Square actually did base Squall and a few other lead characters off J-pop singers. I think Tidus is based off Hyde from L’Arc en Ciel or however it’s spelled.