Hey,, I'm New :P

I’m Kinda New 2 Rpgclassics :smiley: So If anyone Could Help Mah Out I’ll B Grateful :smiley:

Tip 1: Use proper english, not netspeak.

I always thought you were a guy.

(Yo, welcome to RPGC, 3 AM is a bit early to be making threads tho.)

You don’t have to use capitals that much. It hurts my eyes.


hello, welcome, good luck and all the other shit

Welcome, Trinity. I hope you enjoy the place, and that you post often (thought that is not obligatory, of course.)

1-Could you tell us your gender? It’s awkward not knowing if we’re adressing a he or she. (Note: You don’t have to tell us your TRUE gender- just pick one. otherwise we’ll have to refer to you as “it”. ^^ )

2-Note that people use foul language here ocassionally. We don’t mean anything by it, in fact most people who post here are nice. Just giving you a heads-up. In fact, just pretty much ignore anything that annoys you (instead of flaming back) except if said by a Mod or Admin.

3- Yeah, most of do not use Leetspeak here, we find it annoying.

4- For anything else, just ask, you are sure to get answers (and smartass backtalk, but like I said, ignore them.)

Have fun.

I think Wil already said everything but have in mind that we are real Nazis when it comes to grammar… and I just noticed that BN hasn’t posted for a while, did he get killed? Hopeful glance

Anyhow, welcome.

Gotta be a chick, only females love FFX-2 enough to list it as their favorite game.

I love FFX2 but I refuse to list it!

Foul language ocassionally? Haw. Sin, c’mere. :smiley:

I doubt it. If they left out outfits like Rikku’s berserker and all the lady luck outfits then maybe. Anyway, hello.

Gotta be a chick, only females love FFX-2 enough to list it as their favorite game.

I liked that game. But you’re right, I’ve not seen a known male put that as Favorite RPG. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and hello. :smiley:

welcome. :smiley:

(Don’t take anything personally or seriously)

Sup sexy

Is it only me, or does it really seem that in the last few months, everybody who joined is 13/14-year old? Okay, it usually means they are actually 40-50-year-old pervert males, but stil…

Hey! I’m a thirty-year-old pervert male! =P
I make a pretty good wage at Burger King too.

I’m an 18 year old pervert male. Of course, if you didn’t know that, you’re really out of the loop.

Free post.Hi.


Trinity? So does this now mean we have someone going by all the Matrix names now?

Anyway, welcome mate. Enjoy you stay.

That’s all I have.